1000 Questions for Couples Review

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What is it?

The 1000 Questions for Couples digital eBook has been compiled by showbiz relationship expert Michael Webb in order to help couples break down communication boundaries and get to know each other on a deeper level. The book is premised on the view that most relationship breakdowns and divorces are caused by couples not knowing each other well enough before they get seriously involved. By making sure to ask all the important questions first, couples can ensure they are making the right decision and are empowered to initiate free-flowing dialogue in their relationships. In addition to covering questions on romance, sex and children, the eBook also contains detailed sections on money, career and religious belief, amongst many other lifestyle topics.

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Buyer Reviews

Given current estimations that 40-50% of marriages will ultimately end in divorce within 15 years (PolitiFact.com), couples are more eager than ever to solidify and sustain their relationships. This is apparent in the interest vested in self-help books which are focused on love and relationships. Looking to the many online blog articles and book reviews of 1000 Questions for Couples, it can be concluded that the majority of those who purchased and implemented the eBook enjoyed sincere benefits, albeit varying in nature.

Whilst a small number have credited Michael Webb’s expertise in effectively saving their marriage, it would be wholly unrealistic to say that the eBook is a magic fix for all troubled relationships. Thus, it should be made clear that the eBook does not promise to solve engrained communication difficulties or other martial issues. Rather, the reviews indicate that the eBook is most effective for those newly entering a relationship or considering marriage. It is clear that 1000 Questions for Couples is not suitable for those suffering from more severe relationship difficulties and in those cases, face-to-face counselling has been recommended instead.

One of the most popular commendations of the eBook is that as it is available in a digitally downloadable PDF format, making it is very discrete. Readers have enjoyed accessing the books on their smartphones and tablets whilst commuting or relaxing at home without having to worry about their partner, friends or family members finding out. Although a good number of reviewers have consulted their partner before purchasing the eBook and have tried out the questions together, some have been keen on using the eBook conspicuously and so the digital format has been ideal for these users.

In terms of the content of the eBook, users have been particularly pleased with how comprehensive the advice is to modern lifestyles. Many were pleasantly surprised when they discovered questions upon seemingly inane topics such as driving, vacations and even pets. Although these topics may appear relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of a relationship, some testimonials have highlighted how disagreement on these issues has led to serious marital strife.

The results reviewers have experienced are undisputed. However, reviews do point to the fact that although the questions cover a wide range of topics and are well-structured, the eBook cannot guarantee that the other partner will react positively when probed. The eBook does pride itself on honesty and completely transparent communication, but it does not have the power to ensure that both parties in the couple answer the questions truthfully. Therefore, couples are required to trust each other first before trying to obtain the best results from 1000 Questions for Couples.

Where to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase 1000 Questions for Couples from the official website.

How does it work?

1000 Questions for Couples is the accumulation of Michael Webb’s 17 years’ experience as a relationship expert. In counselling couples, he concluded that the majority of relationship problems are due to problems in communication or couples rushing into marriage. He believes that by helping couples to approach sensitive issues and taboo subjects by providing a list of predetermined questions, they are less likely to encounter arguments.

What’s included?

After purchasing the eBook, users are free to download the PDF file onto any device of their choosing. Then, readers are free to implement the questions contained within the eBook in their entirety or simply pick and choose relevant topics.

Readers can browse through the following chapters:
• Personality, Feelings & Emotions
• Favourites
• Pets
• Attractions
• Health, Food & Well-Being
• Vacations
• Morals, Convictions and Beliefs
• Religion & Spiritual Matters
• Car & Driver
• Holidays & Celebrations
• Home & Home Life
• Past & Future
• Hobbies & Entertainment
• Love, Romance & Date Nights
• Friends & Family
• Communication
• Career & Education
• Money
• Relationships – Past & Present
• Children & Child Rearing
• Wedding & Honeymoon
• Sex

More about relationship counselling
As the standard cost of a one hour relationship counselling session starts at around £50 according to Relate, it is easy to see why people have been drawn towards self-help books in helping them through problems with their partners. Now one of the most profitable genres for publishers, self-help and personal coaching books are a $2.4 billion a year industry in the US alone according to Wikipedia.

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