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What is it?

How To Become An Alpha Male is a self help ebook by John Alexander which claims to help men of all ages and walks of life attract and seduce women.

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Buyer Reviews

Reviewers for How To Become An Alpha Male seem to be fairly split. Most reviewers agreed that this ebook does contain useful information and advice on how to attract women but at the same time admitted that it contained nothing entirely new. Many reviewers noted that the ebook seems to be a rehash of other guides on the market, so for those who have already read an array of self help books in this category, you may struggle to find anything new.

Readers found the ebook easy to read and follow but a couple of reviewers said that a better layout would help to organize the information more. One of the biggest negatives about this ebook was the price. Some people said they found the price hard to justify when it contained grammatical errors, as this made them think of the guide as unprofessional. Others stated that the information inside the guide can be found for free online. This is a common complaint with many self help books, and as always it simply comes down to whether you’re prepared to research the subject yourself and avoid paying for the information or whether you value the convenience of all the information in one place.

Many men confirmed that after reading the ebook they experienced greater success in their love life. Common feedback was that they felt more dominant and learnt to improve their body language and appearance to make themselves more attractive to women. Some men however believe that the book needs updating to reflect the modern woman, as in parts the guide was verging on sexist and some readers felt this was disrespectful to women. The ebook for example promises to help you sleep with any woman regardless if they have a boyfriend or are married. For many reviewers, this advice was slightly uncomfortable, not to mention misleading as whilst some women may be willing to be unfaithful there are many that wouldn’t regardless of the ‘techniques’ in the book. Whilst the content of the book was mostly well received, a few reviewers suggested that it could do with adding some tips on conversation. Some men had bought the book hoping for tips on how to speak to women and didn’t feel that the book extensively covered this.

Finally for those who are already successful with women, it’s unlikely you’ll learn anything useful from this book. Those who struggle with confidence and the dating game however should find at least some of the guide of use.

Is it a scam?

This book seems to fulfil what it promises on the tin. It contains good, and mostly tried and tested, advice on body language, appearance and confidence in order to attract women. Are you going to become a Lothario overnight? It’s doubtful but applying the advice in the book can help you have the confidence and motivation to meet and attract new women. In terms of content this book is not a scam.

Some reviewers, as mentioned above, felt that the price of this book was a ‘scam’. Common complaints were that the advice in the book was not new, and could be found elsewhere. Paired with this was the fact that the quality of the book was poor in places, with typos and grammatical errors. If you’ve never read a self help book on how to attract women this book is a good option, but if you’ve already read a fair few you might be disappointed.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase How To Become An Alpha Male from the official website.

How does it work?

On the official website, John Alexander explains that the book is based on psychological tactics similar to those utilised by businesses when attracting customers. Information inside includes:

3 Magic Tricks. Alexander promises that by following these you can attract even married women into bed with you.
The 7 Step Seduction System. Step by step guide how to seduce a woman.
9 Silent Techniques. Alexander claims these techniques will enable you to attract any girl.
• Why not to take advice on women from women.
7 tips on appearance that you can implement quickly.
3 behaviours to avoid.
• The ancient technique of Locus of Control.

As well as the book, you’ll also receive 5 reports:

1. Creative Attraction Through Body Language
2. What If She Has A Boyfriend?
3. Getting Over Your Social Anxiety
4. How To Detach Yourself From Desperation
5. Workplace Romances

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