Amazing Cover Letter Creator Review

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What Is It?

A cover letter is one of the most important things that stand between you and that job interview. It is where you sell yourself, skills, talents and individuality to the employer. Yes, it is a tall order to spell all this out on one page of paper but it is what is necessary to land that interview, as the saying goes – to get that foot in the door.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Starbucks received 7.6 million job applications for 65,000 corporate and retail job openings. The New York Times reported that for every job opening a particular firm receives 1000 applicants. This is why cover letters need to be well written and be able stand out amongst thousands.

We are not all wordsmiths. There are not many of us who can manipulate words to craft the perfect resume that will trigger a response. Amazing Cover Letter Creator, created by Jimmy Sweeney, claims to help you achieve this. He has written over a hundred published articles on the topic and offers his expertise to you via this program. Sweeney claims that his program is very easy to use, a simple point and click method, and you will create a great cover letter.

According to Sweeney, Amazing Cover Letter Creator caters to all types of job applications and circumstances, it is easy to personalise and it also includes other letters such as thank you, follow up and resignation letters.

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Buyer Reviews

On the whole reviewers found Amazing Cover Letter Creator to be very user friendly. There was no steep learning curve. Everything is done by point and click. You pick the template, follow the clear steps and make the changes to customise the cover letter. It really is that simple.

There are many more types of job offerings on the market than there ever was. Sometimes it is very difficult to find guidance on how to write a cover letter for that particular job. So reviewers were very pleased with Amazing Cover Letter Creator’s large database. The program offered several templates on various job levels and types.

Additionally, there are many new situations that hadn’t presented themselves before. For example: the stay at home mum going back to work, the retiree who had to re-enter the workforce, and the person whose only job experience was at one company but was made redundant after decades of service. Reviewers felt that the Amazing Cover Letter Creator offered advice on how to tackle these issues professionally in the cover letter.

A cover letter and a resume go hand in hand but Amazing Cover Letter Creator does not offer any advice or suggestions on writing a resume. Also, the program does not help with the interview stage.

There were some reviewers who did not see an increase in responses from job applications. Therefore, great results are certainly not guaranteed with this program although Sweeney claims so.

Amazing Cover Letter Creator states that it works with any word processor but some reviewers had difficulty using the program with other lesser known word processors such as the Linux application. I did not find any reported problems using Microsoft Word. In fact, the reviewers who had problems opening the documents with other word programs switched to Microsoft Word and encountered no problems after that.

There is a particular step when creating the cover letter, where the program asks you to select the size of the applicant job pool. For many this question was unanswerable as they had no clue. Some reviewers questioned how important this step was to the overall cover letter. If it is, Sweeney should have provided more information on this step to help applicants make a more informed decision.

There were many people who, through Amazing Cover Letter Creator, discovered a whole new range of letters such as follow ups, networking, thank you and acceptance letters. They were not aware that these were all letters, within the professional realm, that could be sent after the initial job application. Some commented that these letters added the extra that made them stand out.

Is It A Scam?

A cover letter is important because it is the first introduction to your prospective employer and we all know first impressions count and last. Therefore, your goal should be to make a cover letter that stands out and makes the employer want to pick up that phone and request an interview. Amazing Cover Letters Creator aids in this endeavour by providing information on key elements that make a successful cover letter.

It is strongly advised that you not use the template versions offered by Amazing Cover Letter Creator. The correct way is to use these templates as a guide and ensure that you include personalised information that will make your strengths, not your weaknesses, stand out. The program will not generate an amazing cover letter without any input from you. But by following the steps, an amazing cover letter is very possible.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Amazing Cover Letter Creator from the official website.

How Does It Work?

Steps to creating a cover letter using Amazing Cover Letter Creator:

• Download and install the software program.
• Select the type of letter you wish to create.
• Select an estimated size of the job pool.
• Input your talents and skills.
• Customise your cover letter.
• Print or send.

What’s Included?

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator

• Easy point and click method.
• Cover letters for any job position, level and industry.
• Easy to personalise and customise.
• Create other letters such as: follow up, networking, thank you and acceptance letters.
• Format your cover letter for email optimisation.
• Compatible with any word processor.
• PC and MAC compatible.
• Free lifetime product updates.

Bonuses Include:

• Top 3 Award-Winning Cover Letter Templates!
• Amazing Job Interview Success
• The ‘BIG 3’ Salary Negotiation Secrets!

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