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Creating an iPhone app in 4 weeks. This is the promise of App Dev Secrets.

Over 250 million Apple devices have been sold with millions added every year. Over 6 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. Income can be generated from these apps, whether they are paid or free apps. Top apps average at least $10,000 in income per day. There is much money to be had in app development and App Dev Secrets promises to show you how.

App Dev Secrets will teach you how to create the apps but most importantly, you will learn how to monetise these apps using mobile advertising platform such as iAd and Adfonic. Best of all, no prior knowledge of programming is needed. Click here to check for ongoing promotional offers related to this product.

How Much Does It Cost?

Presently, the App Dev Secrets is on sale for $49.

What Do You Get?

App Dev Secrets – A compilation of 10 Step By Step Video Tutorials. Instant access after purchase.

• Week 1 – Basic game and application development first using Hello World and Cocos 2d Toolkit. Then graduating to iWebKit and Adobe Flash CS5. You will also learn about debugging.
• Week 2 – You will learn how to use Xcode and become more advanced users of program from Week 1.
• Week 3 – Continue the lessons of Week 2. At the end of this week, you should have a game or application ready.
• Week 4 – You will learn how to monetise your game or application.

Bonus Includes:

1. Making Of Space Invaders, From A To Z
2. Flappy Bird Bonus Pack

What Are People Saying About It?

App Dev Secrets really endeavours to make the app development process as simple as possible. It goes from the very basics and gradually advances. Users felt comfortable with this pace. And if they didn’t understand a concept, they did it over and over until they got it. Access to App Dev Secrets does not expire, so users took their time to run through the course.

It’s a 4 week course and although some users finished it within that time, most took longer. Taking longer to complete this course is not a bad thing, since it is so comprehensive with so many stages and components.

While Apple’s devices are not necessary for you to learn App Dev Secrets, it will help you understand the app world you are entering and benefit you in the long run. So this may or may not be an additional cost for you.

Support is always available via email. Users appreciated this because once they began the course, many had lots of questions.

It took users little time to realise that there is as much work to build the app as there is to submit and sell the app. It is somewhat of a complex process to get your app into Apple’s App Store. It is not impossible but users felt that App Dev Secrets did not sufficiently prepare them for this process.

Getting you app into the App Store is not free. To do so, you must use Apple’s Developer Program and this cost $99 per year.

App Dev Secrets does not guarantee that your app will instantly be a top app in the App Store. Great if this happens but more than likely it won’t. To even see some moderate success with your app, you will need a robust marketing plan. App Dev Secrets covers this but the best route is taking this aspect seriously and learning the ins and outs of app marketing from all sources available to you.

App Dev Secrets was also helpful to persons who had apps in the App Store but they were selling poorly. By concentrating their time on Week 4 lessons, these people were able to learn new marketing skills and apply it to their app to realise better sales.

This course has received much international attention with interested persons enquiring if it’s available in foreign languages but unfortunately App Dev Secrets is only available in English. However, the App Store is open to international developers.

Is It A Scam?

There have been users, albeit a few, who have reported 5 figure incomes from their apps. And more than a few have reported some form of income. So using App Dev Secrets to create an income generating app or game is surely possible.

The course touts itself as being easy and that anyone can learn programming. While that may be true, programming is not a simple thing. It takes focus, logical thinking and loads of patience. It is really not for everyone. So if the word programming sends your mind into a fog, this program will only frustrate you.

App Dev Secrets teaches you how to develop a great game or app but the idea is all up to you. To have better odds at success, the idea must be a compelling and quite frankly addictive, and one people will enjoy.

Where To Buy And Download

You must buy App Dev Secrets from its official website in order to qualify for the 60 day money-back guarantee and any potential bonus material or offers.

Remember that it could take some time for refund requests to be processed, so its always best to ask for your money back right away if you’re not satisfied!

Feel free to ask your question or post your comments in the comment thread below.

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