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Aquaponics 4 You is a unique food production system that allows plants to grow in a water-based environment while utilizing the natural by-products of fish, such as ammonia, algae, minerals and nitrates to fertilize the plants. These benefit from a constant stream of nutrients, while fish are kept healthy with continually re-purified water.

Aquaponics 4 You is the brainchild of John Fay, a certified organic farmer and aquaponics expert. If you are interested in growing organic produce this may be the answer.

The system comes with a DVD and 33-page guide written in plain English, providing complete instructions on making your own aquaponics system (including secret tips and how to avoid common mistakes). You will also receive several books on organic gardening and cooking.

The system requires one single payment. It is available worldwide and comes with a 60-day 100 percent money back guarantee.

What are people saying about it?

Can plants really grow without soil? Well, the related field of hydroponics has been around for a while and has gained a lot of followers. This takes the concept one step further by providing plants with a natural food source to help them grow.

The reviews on Aquaponics 4 You appear very favorable. One reviewer said, “We had fantastic results within a month” and gardeners commented on the range of food that they were able to produce, including cabbage, lettuce, strawberries and peppers. Another reviewer successfully grew a wide variety of herbs and vegetables, while using just 7 goldfish to fertilize the plants.

One of the ancillary benefits of the system was in allowing people to cultivate fresh fish, including tilapia, trout and bass.

Many reviewers also really liked the organic cooking and gardening books that came with the system.

The low-cost nature of the Aquaponics 4 You system was noted by a number of reviewers who felt that it offered good value for money. A large, family-sized aquaponic garden will cost around $400 with all materials available from a standard DIY store. Smaller systems will be correspondingly less expensive however.

The guide was considered very easy to follow and the system itself straightforward to put together. One reviewer described Aquaponics 4 You as the ‘most comprehensive and understandable guide for beginners’ to use and several people noted that it was possible to manage the system without any great gardening experience. Good to know.

Reviewers did mention that energy and water costs vary from country to country so cost calculations may need to be amended. Also, if you live in a hot or cold country it may affect where you can place the system.

In one reviewer’s judgment, “The system is unique, refreshing, and adds a totally new dimension to organic farming.”

If you’re still unsure or would like to learn more about the product watch this short video.

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