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Auto Mass Traffic is a traffic generating software that claims to drastically increase traffic to a landing page, thereby creating the potential to make money. It aids in the process of creating Pay Per View ads, which are the banner ads that are prominently displayed across websites. The designer of Auto Mass Traffic understands the importance of traffic generation and its role in creating and sustaining a profitable internet business. For this reason, the program was designed especially for internet marketers (those new to internet marketing should prepare themselves for a steep learning curve).

For a onetime payment, buyers will receive access to Auto Mass Traffic web based program. Also included is an additional software program that will evaluate your website and offer suggestions and recommendations on optimisation. Click here to learn more about the product, along with the bonus material, and 60 day money-back guarantee.

Buyer Reviews

A strong online presence is essential to any online business. Without traffic, sales would be non-existent. Auto Mass Traffic claims to help in this regard by directing an unprecedented amount of online traffic to your pages with targeted Pay Per View ads. These ads are very popular. Not only do they produce a fair amount of web traffic, but the cost per ad is relatively low.

Auto Mass Traffic cannot work without a fully functional and monetized website. For some reason, a few buyers expected a walk through on this but the program never promised such. It only promises an increase in your site’s traffic.

Also, some reviewers were not comfortable with investing money (the Pay Per View ads) in order to gain money. Sure, there is always a risk when money is involved but every business person knows that this is an accepted principle. Like with all paid traffic campaigns, initial ad bursts should be seen as a data collecting exercise, enabling the buyer to see which channels, landing pages, and/or keywords have the best ROI… Do not expect to generate positive ROI’s right away.

Reviewers commended Auto Mass Traffic’s ease of use. Downloading and installation were quick and simple. They also liked that Auto Mass Traffic helped create attention grabbing ads.

Buyers also loved Auto Mass Traffic’s automated process. Manually contacting websites became a thing of the past. Auto Mass Traffic handled all website queries through a very efficient process. Thus, buyers gained more time to devote to other parts of their business… A buyer on popular internet marketing forum ‘Warrior Forum’ seemed happy that you could just enter your keyword(s) and receive “hundreds” of we pages that you can bid on within a PPV or CPV capacity (although he/she did say they didn’t see much value in some of the information booklets that came with the course).

The guide on Pay Per View ads and how to get the most out of them was greatly received by the novice internet marketers, who were not very familiar with internet marketing fundamentals.

It should be clearly noted that Auto Mass Traffic will only help create traffic. This cannot be underscored enough, because some reviewers expressed misplaced disappointment. It is really up to you to decide how you will convert that traffic. This is where education and training in internet marketing, as well as coaching, comes into play.

Furthermore, Auto Mass Traffic should not be your only source of traffic generation. Reviewers indicated that in terms of traffic flow there were hot days and there were cold days. So the use of other traffic generating channels is highly recommended.

Auto Mass Traffic is a legitimate traffic generating software. A single payment is fair value for the increase in traffic you will receive, assuming that you are (a) prepared to put the work into optimising you offer and their respective landing pages and (b) prepared to invest the initial outlay to test that offer and landing page.

Is it a scam?

Auto Mass Traffic is not a scam in the sense that it will drive traffic to your website. However, it is not a magical overnight fix which is suddenly going to increase your sales and revenue. How effectively the program works, varies on your website and the quality and demand of your products, or whatever you want to gain exposure for. If you haven’t put the work into your website, to make it appealing and user friendly, or there’s simply no market for your products and services then Auto Mass Traffic cannot remedy this.

The Auto Mass Traffic tool should be used in conjunction with other methods to increase traffic and sales to your website, so anyone serious about gaining customers and exposure should take this into account. Even a basic level of knowledge of SEO will help you utilise this tool and see better results.

With the 60 day money-back guarantee that comes with the product we’d recommend that you have your offering that you wish to drive traffic to setup before you purchase, this way you’ll have the full 60 days to work with this product before deciding if you want to keep it.

Where to buy and download

To qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee and bonus material Auto Mass Traffic should only be purchased online from its official website.

Do you have any questions or comments about the product? Post them in the comment thread below.

The Most Import Aspect Of Paid Traffic – Relevance!

Traffic referrers and their respective subject-matters are key here, the traffic must be relevant to your offering or cause else it will not ‘convert’… The relevance that comes with organic traffic (a virtue of the search engines ranking algorithms) is sometimes taken for granted by those new to paid traffic.

With paid traffic (outside of keyword-centric campaigns like AdWords) it is the buyer that must do the screening for relevance, and we cannot emphasise that point enough. If you are not prepared to screen for relevance (or track it retrospectively with conversion tracking) then this product is probably not for you.

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