Beat Eczema Now Review

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What is it?

Beat Eczema Now is an e-guide by Susan Clark which claims to ‘eliminate your eczema in as little as 10 days’.

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Buyer Reviews

It was difficult to find genuine reviews for this product, as many of the posts on independent forums simply regurgitate the content on the official website. Looking through some of the threads however, it would appear that some people have found success by following the holistic approach as outlined in this self-help guide.

Many reviewers stated that they decided to purchase this guide because of its all-natural approach, as it not only meant they could save money on expensive creams and medications but they were secure in the knowledge that the advice was completely safe to apply to themselves and their families.

Reviewers were divided when it came to the content in this guide however. At only 24 pages long, some felt this was poor value for money and were annoyed that the first two chapters were taken up with explaining what eczema is and the different types. The common consensus here was that sufferers were already pretty clued up on this, and they would have preferred to dive straight into the remedies and cures. Other reviewers however saw the short length of this ebook as a bonus. It meant that they could read it over a couple of hours and start applying the advice immediately.

Reviewers revealed that the most useful section of this guide is the ‘Beat Eczema’ section, which details foods to avoid and increase in your diet as well as sample recipes. Many people noted that after following this diet, their eczema reduced greatly within 2-3 weeks. However, for some people adapting their diet had little or no effect and they would have preferred more advice on other environmental triggers. It should therefore be noted that this guide has been aimed at tackling food allergies and triggers commonly associated with eczema and there is limited information on other environmental factors.

On the whole, with the exception of the information on diet, reviewers found the advice in this book to be pretty common sense. Tips included keeping kids away from animals and why you should try to stop scratching the affected areas.

Is it a scam?

The official website states that this guide can help you eliminate eczema ‘in as little as 10 days’. Some people felt that this implied their eczema would disappear for good within this time limit and were therefore disappointed when this didn’t happen, labelling the guide a ‘scam’. Whilst you may have to persevere with this guide for longer than 10 days to see any results, it is widely accepted that diet and eczema are linked and therefore your condition can be greatly improved by avoiding certain foods and increasing others. According to the NHS, studies show that between one and two thirds of children and young people with atopic eczema also have a food allergy. Common foods that can cause eczema include soya, eggs, wheat, nuts and cows milk. Therefore the premise of this guide, which focuses on your diet to eliminate eczema, is not unfounded.

Will this guide work for everyone? Almost certainly not. Whilst it’s true to say that diet does play a role in the severity of eczema, there are numerous triggers and irritants which are not all listed or explained in this guide. If you’re suffering from an unknown food allergy as mentioned above then this guide will almost certainly help you clear up your eczema. However, diet may not be the underlying problem for everyone. According to the NHS, atopic eczema is almost always inherited and therefore there are certain environmental factors other than diet that can worsen the condition. Common triggers include: animal fur, pollen, dust mites, hormonal changes, stress, sweating, certain toiletries and detergents, fabrics such as nylon and wool and pollution. With such a variety of variables, it’s important to consider all these factors and therefore it can be concluded that this guide alone will not necessarily be enough to cure your eczema. However, changing just one aspect of your lifestyle such as diet is a good place to start on your road to remedying your condition.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Beat Eczema Now from the official website.

How does it work?

The Beat Eczema guide follows a holistic, 100% natural approach with a focus on diet. Clark claims that her guide will eliminate the needs for medication and her tips and techniques will prevent dry skin, eliminate itching and most importantly tackle eczema at the root to stop it flaring up for good.


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