Black And Decker CM1936 Review

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Black & Decker’s 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower is fitted with a removable, high-powered battery, which is effective and efficient for cutting lawns reaching sizes up to 1/3 acre.

The mower is handle pull operated with the use of a key for a safe and quick start. The feature of a removable battery allows for separate batteries to cater for larger lawns and convenient recharging.

For simple adjustment of the 4 wheels simultaneously, a singular lever permits various cutting heights. The CM1936 has a 19-Inch deck, for mulching, bagging and optional discharging, 7-Inch front wheels and 9-Inch rear wheels, and weighs a total of 72 pounds.

The eco-conscious design means that the mower produces zero harmful emissions and the Energy Star rated charger saves energy and money.

Buyer Reviews

The vast majority of users of the CM1936 have found that the mower is easy to operate, without the hassle of gas or oil and because there is no cord to manage.

Another feature which has proved beneficial to buyers is the relative quietness of the mower while it is running in comparison to alternatively powered machines, one reviewer claiming that it is 50% less noisy than a typical gas machine.

The mower is found to be surprisingly light and easy to maneuver, considering the 19-Inch deck size. Customers mention their general satisfaction with the fact that the mower easily cuts lawns in one battery charge. The self-removable battery is something which sets this design apart, allowing for simple interchange of batteries for larger lawns with longer grass.

The newly updated blade design has been made to permit a longer runtime. Time saving is a big draw to the CM1936 mower, because as well as the cutting process, it is almost completely maintenance free.

Users find that the rear bag is highly valuable for helping to collect fallen leaves, while the mulching process is effective when the grass is not too wet or tall.

Cutting aside, the majority of buyers find the collapsing handle a huge advantage as it allows the mower to be stored in small spaces and in a vertical position, taking up minimal floor space.

Many users say they would have benefited from a battery life indicator – giving an indication of run time / next charge.

Overall, a well-rounded mower scoring 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Follow the Amazon link to the right for compare prices.

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