Black And Decker LM175 Review

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Black & Decker’s LM175 18-Inch 6.5-Amp Electric Lawn Mower is a lightweight and powerful design. The 6.5-Amp electric motor provides the mower with a great deal of power and avoids the use of gas or oil. The mower allows for a space with an electric outlet within 100 feet of the furthest part for cutting.

The polymer deck gives an 18-Inch wide cut, and features a choice between discharging or bagging the clippings. An optional side bag is sold separately which can be added for more storage.

The dimensions of the LM175 are 32.5 x 24.8 x 13.1 inches, and it weighs only 35 pounds. Other features include a single lever to adjust the height of the wheels simultaneously for a choice of various cutting heights.

The start-up is quick and easy, requiring just a simple pull on a lever, rather than a cord.

Buyer Reviews

The vast majority of recent buyers of the LM175 Lawn Mower were impressed with the very lightweight design, making for effortless pushing across the lawn. Unlike traditional gas mowers, which are heavier, this model does not need to be self-propelled in order to make it manageable.

Customers found the mower to be very good value for money, both the upfront price and the general running and upkeep, compared to equivalent gas models. An important feature for many is that the mower runs cleanly and quietly; it is less disturbing than others and does not leave odorous gas fumes in the yard afterwards. For consumers who are concerned about the effect on the environment, this mower is ideal.

Features which consumers did not like, include:

– The controlling of the cord whilst cutting the lawn. Because the mower requires an electric outlet no further than 100 feet away, the procedure can be made complicated if the landscaping is not flat or if the lawn is larger.

– Difficulty in keeping the cord away from the blades.

– The size of the mulching bag, which some buyers complain is too small and requires emptying several times in one run.

So a good value option but with mostly cord-related drawbacks, scoring 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Follow the Amazon link to the right to check and compare prices.

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