Black And Decker MM1800 Review

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The MM1800 18-Inch 12-Amp Electric Lawn Mower from Black & Decker is a corded mower with the ability to mulch, bag and discharge. With a powerful 12-Amp electric motor, cutting the lawn with this machine is clean, accurate and efficient. With an upgraded blade design on an earlier generation model, the MM1800 provides quick and precise results.

With the absence of gas and oil, the mower is eco-friendly and releases no harmful emissions into the air. It starts up instantly with a simple pull lever and runs more quietly and smoothly than gas powered machines.

The mower is fitted with an 18-Inch deck which can perform three individual tasks; mulching, bagging and optional discharging. The mulching option means the grass clippings can be used as a natural fertilizer, or if preferred the clippings can be stored in a rear bag which is easily removable. It also features a foldable handle for compact or upright storage. There is a singular lever which adjusts the height of the four wheels at once for the favored grass length.

Buyer Reviews

Buyers surveyed were largely impressed with the straightforward assembly, which only takes a few minutes, and later with the ease with which the mower is pushed along to produce a quality cut – surprisingly easy given the weight of the machine.

Generally, users found that the mulching setting result in an even distribution of grass cuttings over the lawn, rather than large clumps building up in particular areas.

The handle was noted as comfortable and ergonomic, easy on the wrists with minimal vibrations.

Cutting height is simple and fast to adjust and the machine requires limited long term maintenance.

Negative elements include the cord, as with all electric mowers, this can cause problems on larger or challenging landscapes.  For instance, in yards which have trees or curved landscaping, the cord may need to be moved out of the way or one may require an extension.

Another con of the MM1800 is that the plug in the mulching setting can fill up with the grass clippings and need emptying.

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