Black And Decker MM275 Review

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The MM275 18-Inch 9-Amp Electric Lawn Mower, from international and esteemed power tool brand Black & Decker, is a versatile and value mower.

This model is lightweight and manageable, measuring 33 x 21.5 x 15.4 inches and weighing just 38 pounds. It is suitable for lawns which have an electrical outlet located within 100 feet of the furthest part needed cutting.

The MM275 is fitted with a polymer deck which results in an 18-Inch wide cut and provides three distinct modes for cutting; mulching, discharging and side-bagging. A separately sold bag is optional on top of the attachable side-cute which is included with the mower.

Due to the powerful 9-Amp electric motor, the machine does not require gas or oil to run and results in a quick and accurate cut. The four wheels can be adjusted simultaneously with the pull of a single lever to alter the grass height, from 1 to 3.5 inches.

The mower is easily maintained and quick and easy to start with a lever, rather than a pull cord.

Buyer Reviews

For the vast majority of the customers who bought the Black & Decker MM275, the most appealing features are the weight and straight-forward use. Many buyers have suggested that this model is perfect for beginners.

Quietness was another plus, with some buyers comparing the noise to a vacuum cleaner Рquieter than alternative electric models.

A feature-rich, good value option, it was the little things that impressed us with this mower – when mulching, the machine cuts and distributes grass clippings so fine that they cannot be seen.

Maintenance is minimal, only requiring that the blades are removed and sharpened periodically (once every two years for the average user).

Some aspects which buyers have seen as negative include the inability to mow the lawn when it is wet. Also that the tires make maneuvering slightly difficult and that because it is not fitted with a foldable handle, it cannot be stored very easily in compact spaces. Because it has a 100-feet only range, some users find it hard to reach the far corners of the lawn, though it can be overcome with the addition of an extension cable, which can be difficult to manage.

Overall, buyers were happy with the lightweight, easy to use design of the MM275 and believe it to be great value for money, but would not purchase it for use on larger-sized lawns.

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