Black & Decker CM1836 Review

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The CM1836 18-Inch 36-Volt Lawn Mower, from the international and reputable manufacturer Black & Decker, is an efficient and high-powered 36V cordless mower with handle pull starter.

An upgrade on the previous model (CM1000 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Mower); there are several features and details that have been improved for easier and more effective use. Due to the 36-Volt integrated battery there is a 50% increased power on the last model and the newly developed design of the blades means rapid and accurate cutting.

The CM1836 is fitted to carry out three separate tasks on the lawn, through a swift conversion method; mulching, bagging and discharging. The mulching process permits an effective fertilizing result, which along with the zero emissions design, makes the mower an energy saver and protector of the environment.

Buyer Reviews

The CM1846 is a dramatic improvement on its predecessor in terms of assembly and ease of use. Built with the user in mind, the lightweight design boats ergonomic controlling and the convenience of compact storage with a foldable handle.

Buyers surveyed were impressed with the performance of the blades, especially on small-to-mid-sized lawns, noting that the mower performed well on tall and wet patches.

The battery performs well, with most users able to finish their lawn on a single charge.

Suggestions which users think would improve the CM1846 include the addition of a battery level indicator to let you know how long the battery has left. It has been brought up that the mechanism for the height adjustment is not as simple as it was on the previous model. Users would also have liked the ability to remove/change the battery, allowing for convenient charging and enabling users to finish larger lawns in one sitting.

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