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Blast 4 Traffic is a bulk email marketing service that claims to have an outreach of 70 million potential customers per month. As a user, you will have access to reach these targeted prospects via bulk email blasts – an email platform to market and promote your products or services.

Blast 4 Traffic utilises a safelist, so spamming should not be a concern. A safelist signifies that the subscribers have all registered with Blast 4 Traffic, submitted their email contacts and have agreed to receive emails from Blast 4 Traffic users.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to use Blast 4 Traffic is $34.50. This is a onetime payment.

For the latest promotional offers please check the official website.

What Do You Get?

• Lifetime access to targeted email lists of 70 million opt-in subscribers.
• Ability to send out bulk emails.
• Video tutorials with instruction on how to use Blast 4 Traffic.
9 Bonuses, which includes various eBook, software and programs.

What Are People Saying About It?

Email marketing is an undeniably effective way to reach potential customers. At any given moment, more than half the world’s population will have access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer and you can reach them all via email.

Bulk email marketing services are usually very expensive. According to Blast 4 Traffic, email marketing companies charge at least $200-$300 per 10,000 prospects. And this cost is per blast. For a single low fee, which you only pay once, Blast 4 Traffic offers its huge database regardless of the number of blasts.

Users agreed that Blast 4 Traffic was simple to use. Once purchased, you can immediately send out the emails without any trouble.

Blast 4 Traffic allows users to track the receiving status of the emails. This permits transparency of the list’s quality and users were able to tweak the list to their benefit.

Users were also able to construct their sales copy with colour. This is a great feature, as colour provides visual stimulation and keeps the reader much more interested than using solely black and white.

The email list is not stagnant. Blast 4 Traffic adds and removes contacts constantly so the probability of reaching an active email address is always great. Obviously, users saw this as a plus.

The biggest issue among users was the different number of hits each received. Some users reported no hits. Some users reported hits but felt it was below what they had expected. Some users reported daily hits, which were more than what they had achieved on their own. While some users reported really excellent results.

Same product. Different results. The constant in the above scenarios is the email marketing service. The variables are the products/services and the sales copy. Maybe subscribers did not visit some sites because they weren’t interested in the product or service? Or maybe the sales copy left them cold, not wanting more.

Users who were disappointed with Blast 4 Traffic said they were sceptical about the 70 million subscribers. Blast 4 Traffic insists their subscribers are all opt-ins.

And maybe this is so because Blast 4 Traffic is also a traffic exchange entity. This means that some subscribers opted-in because when they clicked and followed through on links, they received credits.

This lends more weight to the belief that users, who saw low hit numbers, lacked compelling products or services. Consumers today are very savvy. They expect solution, originality and greatness. So Blast 4 Traffic could offer 150 million subscribers but if your product or service is just bad, you’ll never the hits you desire. And the same goes for your landing page, if it’s not impressive it simply won’t impress.

And yes, Blast 4 Traffic falls victim to this. Their landing page can be better. Maybe this fuels the scepticism of the product. But as much are there are users who were disappointed, there were many users who reported great results and conversions.

There is no guarantee with this service. Although, if not satisfied you can get a full refund within 60 days. This is more than enough time to figure out if Blast 4 Traffic is working for you or not.

Is It A Scam?

Blast 4 Traffic obviously has an email outreach because even the users who were really disappointed with the results admitted to receiving some hits. It is difficult to lay blame; it may be the fault of Blast 4 Traffic or it may be that the users’ offerings weren’t enticing.

Before you use any email marketing service, it is highly recommended that you understand at least the basics of marketing, by extension email and internet marketing. Make sure you have a great product or service. Only then should you approach email marketing.

Where To Buy

Purchase Blast 4 Traffic from its official website in order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. 

If you have any comments or questions about the product, please post them in the comment thread below.

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