Building a Chicken Coop Review Revisited

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The Building a Chicken Coop ebook is a downloadable colour guide containing step-by-step instructions and scale diagrams of how to build your own chicken coop. The author, Bill Keene, has written the book in mind for the complete beginner so no specialist tools are required. The guide contains plans to build a range of chicken coops to suit all budgets and sizes, from a coop to house 50 chickens to a double story coop for four. You can learn more about the product and get a discounted package at the official website.

The Building a Chicken Coop guide is aimed at those looking to take on a DIY project and save up to 50% off the cost of a ready made coop to house chickens. For those who have never kept chickens before, the ebook includes information on how to breed and care for chickens as well as the regular tasks required to ensure your chickens are healthy and happy and continue to provide you with an ample supply of fresh, organic eggs.  Besides the benefits of fresh eggs, the ebook also outlines how you can reduce your household food waste by feeding scraps and leftovers to the chickens, and which foods to avoid giving them. Keen gardeners will also be able to benefit from the high quality fertilizer produced from the chickens.

Buyer Reviews 

Reviewers of Bill Keene’s ebook found the instructions and diagrams easy to follow, and many commented on the straightforward construction of the coop despite little previous DIY experience. Highlights of the construction side of the guidebook include the freedom to adapt and customize the coop to your requirements and tips along the way to help you make the right decisions for the size, location and features of the coop to ensure the best welfare of the chickens.

What becomes apparent very quickly from the reviews is that this ebook is not simply a guide on how to build a chicken coop, but how to care for and maintain your poultry in the best possible way and it’s this aspect of the book that customers feel really adds value for money. Keene puts emphasis on ensuring that the coop meets the perfect conditions for the species of chickens you’ll be housing and this is complimented by a proposed calendar of chores and tasks throughout the year to ensure a high standard of welfare.

On the whole, customers enjoyed the DIY experience of building a coop, although those who had opted for the larger chicken houses found that the project required a helping hand. Customers were impressed with the quality and aesthetics of the coop on completion and the common consensus was that the ebook had saved a significant amount of money when compared to the cost of a ready-made coop.

Where to buy and download?

In order to qualify for the money-back guarantee you will need to buy and download the Building a Chicken Coop ebook from the official website. The downloadable format also allows customers to download and print as many copies as needed.

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