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Xt lithium-ion provides longer run time, 5x lower self-discharge for use any time and 16 firm holding contact terminals for constant high power .

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lithium cibalith-s , duralith , ekalith , eskalith cr , lithane , lithobid , lithonate , lithotabs .

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i was originally diagnosed as bipolar 1 and put on lithium as a mood stabiliser as well as seroquel as an antipsychotic, in my early twenties.

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lithium reacts with water easily, but with noticeably less vigor than other alkali metals.

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for those into geo-porn, pollucite is a caesium-bearing zeolite that forms in lithium-caesium-tantalum pegmatite structures.

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like its fellow alkali metal, sodium, lithium reacts with water in showy form.


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