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By reducing some of the adverse reactions produced by levodopa alone, sinemet permits more patients to obtain adequate relief from the symptoms of parkinson s disease.

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as far as i can tell the sinemet value is 125mg then sinemet plus 250mg , you can also get sinemet 275mg ,sinemet control release 125mg and 250mg.

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sinemet carbidopa levodopa tablets sinemet 25-100 tablets also contain d c yellow 10 lake.

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a guide for substitution of sinemet cr treatment for conventional levodopa decarboxylase inhibitor combinations is shown in the table below .

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most common adverse reactions for sinemet sr duopa incidence at least 7 greater than oral carbidopa-levodopa incidence were complication of device insertion, nausea, depression, peripheral edema, hypertension, upper respiratory tract infection, oropharyngeal pain, atelectasis, and incision site erythema.

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your sinemet retard dose has three parts a morning dose a continuous dose extra doses sinemet retard can also be given for a short time short-term through a tube put into your nose called a naso-jejunal nj tube.
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If your sinemet is causing side effects such as bloating, cramp- ing, and gassiness, you will want to avoid baked beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, beer, and carbonated beverages.

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