Carb Back-Loading Review

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What is it?

The Carb Back-Loading nutrition system is an intensive eBook manual which focuses on dramatic weight loss and muscle gain through clever consumption of carbohydrates and targeted exercises. John Keifer developed the digitally downloadable programme as an alternative to what he believes are the low-carb, fad diets which currently dominate the weight loss market. The Carb Back-Loading system claims that, contrary to popular belief, consuming carbs at certain times can actually train the body’s metabolism to burn fat, instead of storing it. This diet is therefore marketed at those who want their dream body, but still want to eat the foods they love; from pizza and doughnuts, to pasta and cake.

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How does it work?

John Keifer’s Carb Back-Loading nutrition programme goes against traditional diets and workout systems in claiming that sugary carbohydrates can actually be utilised in losing weight from hard-to-tackle, problem areas. As an established physicist, John Keifer spent years studying medical journals before developing this unique manual. By consuming carbohydrates after the recommended workouts and during the evening, insulin levels are optimised and blood sugar controlled so as to induce anabolism during sleep.

What techniques does Carb Back-Loading use?

mTOR stimulation: uses the regulator of tissue growth to keep the mTOR pathway open and burn fat cells
tGLUT manipulation: GLUT are a specialised protein structure which transports blood sugar to cells – Carb Back-Loading targets these to prevent the storage of carbs as fat
Circadian rhythms: the guide highlights the most beneficial times of day to begin carb consumption, weight training and cardio for maximum results
Resistance training: triggers anabolic hormones and positively regulates muscle growth
Modulated Tissue Response (MTR): how to instruct some types of tissue to grow whilst signalling other tissues to shrink

John Keifer also dispels the commonly held belief that cardio is the only way to shift excess weight when working out. When following the Carb Back-Loading diet, customers are advised to keep cardio to a minimum, with an emphasis on high intensity weight training just a couple of times per week.

In addition to instant access to the 300+ page eBook which contains all the relevant collated scientific research, custom meal plans, unique training schedules and lifestyle templates, purchase of the Carb Back-Loading system also includes extensive email support and exclusive access to online membership forums.

Is it a scam?

John Keifer’s unorthodox claims that eating sugary carbs can actually contribute to weight loss have led some to be doubtful of the Carb Back-Loading system’s success. At first, the unusual premise of this diet might be difficult to reconcile with other accepted weight loss programmes. However, the abundance of scientific research and medical journal citations packed into the eBook help to legitimise Keifer’s claims.

Given the revolutionary nature of the system, the widespread amount of promotional websites and positive testimonials found online is to be expected. However, the Carb Back-Loading eBook has received great acclaim from mainstream publications such as Men’s Fitness and from respected body builders and fitness competitors.

What are people saying about it?

Looking to reviews of the system on popular weight loss forums and fitness blogs, it is clear that the original scepticism of the regime felt by some can be easily dispelled by the results. The majority of those using the manual to lose weight reported shifting at least a few pounds after a couple of weeks’ dieting and training.

It must be noted however that the system is not the miraculous answer to weight loss that all food-lovers have been waiting for. Whilst the consumption of carbs and sugars is positively encouraged during the recommended ‘back-loading’ periods, those on the diet cannot simply just eat whatever they like at all times. By limiting the intake of carbs to evenings and post-workout 2 or 3 times per week, weight loss can be achieved without adhering to strict calorie counting or depriving people of their favourite foods.

Several reviewers have commented that on the evenings on which carbs are allowed they experience some uncomfortable bloating. As some experts on the forums have explained, this is because the body is rewired to process the carbs differently after a few weeks so as to maximise weight loss. As the anabolism occurs during the night, customers said they did not wake up the next morning feeling bloated.

Although Carb Back-Loading is marketed at both men and women, the overwhelming number of those who obtained great results and muscle tone from using the system have been men. As some commenters have highlighted, men and women store fat in different ways and have different hormonal make-ups, therefore the diet is less successful for women. However, John Keifer has addressed this concern by including a specific section for women in the eBook, containing modified tips and diet plans so that they can attain the same results as their male counterparts.

Where to Buy and Download

When you buy the Carb Back-Loading eBook from the official website, you’ll also benefit from a 60 day money back guarantee.

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