Champion Power Equipment 41135 Review

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The 6,800 watt maximum output Champion Power Equipment 41135 portable generator offers a reliable backup power supply for the home or jobsite. Capable of running multiple domestic appliances such as TVs, fridge freezers and security systems all at once, the Champion 41135 is ideal for power shortages and emergency blackouts. The generator is powered by a Champion 338 cc OHV (Overhead Valve) engine featuring a cast iron sleeve and is CARB approved. With a running time of 11 hours on a full fuel tank at 50% load and a lightweight (185 lbs), durable frame ensuring maximum portability, the Champion 41135 is also ideal for outdoor pursuits, camping and for light construction purposes. Also includes useful overload protection, voltmeter and low oil sensor facilities and engine oil upon purchase.

Satisifed Champion 41135 customers have been pleased with the ease and efficiency of start-up using the conventional manual pull system, claiming that the generator starts immediately and without excessive force required. Users have also expressed their satisfaction at the generator’s ability as a backup power supply for extreme weather conditions; commenting that it has simultaneously powered various household appliances without difficulty. The simple and straightforward set-up and maintenance instructions that accompany the generator have also been praised; meaning even those with little knowledge of portable generators can assemble and start up the power supply without problems. The recommended oil change maintenance has proved to be useful for users – commenting that it is vital for the smooth performance of the 41135.

A minority of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the design and quality of the oil filler cap, claiming that it is prone to leaking and requires a wrench to tighten it properly. Users have said that if the design problem with the fuel spillages was amended otherwise the 41135 would be the ideal portable generator. As is common with portable fuel powered generators, reviewers have commented that the generator emits a loud, off-putting sound however it seems that it is no louder than any other similar generator on the market. Some experienced users have recommended tightening the fuel cap even further so as to avoid air getting into the tank thus creating a vacuum and causing the generator’s performance to become unpredictable.

Overall, customers have been very positive about the reliability and dependability of the Champion Power Equipment 41135 from domestic backup power supply purposes to small jobsite applications. The added ease of transport due to the durable and lightweight frame have proved for a positive evaluation .

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