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Chopper Tattoo is one the largest internet gallery for tattoo art and designs; the gallery houses over 4000 tattoos. These designs vary over many categories and include Chinese, zodiac, butterfly, tribal, lettering, snake, angel, lower back and armband tattoos just to name a few.

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Tattoo enthusiasts are constantly searching for their next tattoo and finding the perfect tattoo can be a difficult endeavour, you need inspiration and you need plenty of design options. This is exactly what Chopper Tattoo offers. Their quality designs and artwork are pieces contributed by professional tattoo artists all over the world. You will surely find something interesting.

What Do You Get?

Chopper Tattoo has three membership tiers, each with a varying gallery access period:

1. 15 day membership.
2. 30 day membership.
3. Unlimited membership.

What Are People Saying About It?

With Chopper Tattoo, planning your next tattoo no longer requires hours at the tattoo studio sifting through design book after design book. It can be done in the comfort of your own space, whether this is at home or your favourite hangout spot. The Chopper Tattoo website is mobile responsive, this translates to a better and optimum browsing experience on mobile devices.

It’s very easy to search Chopper Tattoo’s gallery. The tattoo categories are extensive and well sorted. Users had no problem finding their preferred design categories. After searching, the next two steps are only download and print – it’s really that simple. Users have stated that the resolution quality of the printed tattoos is great.

For people who are searching for really intricate artwork, this site may not have what you want.

Stencils are also included with downloads. This is super convenient and will ensure that your tattoo artist creates an almost, if not, identical tattoo. So no more design confusion or dismal results. We have all heard the horror stories of tattoos gone wrong because the tattoo artist failed to replicate the design properly. There really should be no room for error as tattoos are permanent.

Chopper Tattoo’s gallery has a large assortment of tattoo lettering styles. Word tattoos are becoming increasing popular. Celebrities like Rihanna have many written tattoos and now everyone wants one. Users were pleased with Chopper Tattoo’s selection, and once again the stencils made it super easy to replicate.

The website is image heavy and there were times when users reported slow page loading. This issue has been reported but no change has been evident. The website claims that they receive over 9 million yearly visitors and have over 200,000 members; this can be a reason for slow load times.

On the website, Chopper Tattoo states that their designs are award winning but no reference to these awards are given. Just as well no online tools are listed although Chopper Tattoo stated that they do offer online tools.

Chopper Tattoo seeks to make the process of getting a tattoo as smooth and hassle free as possible. So they have incorporated a tattoo studio locator into the site. These studios are approved by Chopper Tattoo. However, users have stated that not all areas are included and much more studios need to be added if they are serious about catering to their worldwide membership.

The galleries are updates monthly so for tattoo enthusiasts, there is always something new to look forward to. Chopper Tattoo’s gallery is only accessible via paid membership. The need to protect their designs and artwork is understandable but a limited preview would really help potential users decide if they want to join or not.

Some users appreciated the membership tier plans. There are 15 days, 30 days and unlimited membership plans; a plan to suit every budget. For people who are only searching for one tattoo design, the 15 or 30 day access would be ideal. For tattoo enthusiasts, the unlimited plan is definitely the most ideal. A great bonus is a complimentary copy of Inked Magazine, the tattooist’s bible.

There are many professional tattoo artists, especially new artists, who use Chopper Tattoo as a personal gallery for their business. A tattoo artist can never have too many designs and a gallery of 4000 designs, with more added monthly, is great for business.

Is It A Scam?

Chopper Tattoo provides tattoo artwork, images and designs spread across various categories. So they definitely keep up with their promise. The premise of the site is to make the tattoo process as simplified as possible and that objective is achieved. A user can very easily download and print their chosen artwork and stencil, find a tattoo studio using the studio locator and let the tattoo artist do the rest. Mission accomplished.

Where To Join?

You must purchase Chopper Tattoo membership from their official website, in order to benefit from the 30 day money back guarantee (regardless of the chosen membership plan).

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