Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

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What is it?

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a members’ only site which offers a host of training videos which claim to show you how to make easy, quick and sustainable money through online marketing. Given the number of people buying products via the internet, Anthony Trister helps newbies and advanced marketers take advantage of free online traffic to generate sales on high-quality, reputable Clickbank products. The programme claims that it makes sure to use only legal and authorised techniques in guaranteeing that users make a profit of at least $21,000 in their first month (a tall claim!).

By harnessing the advertising power of the internet, Coffee Shop Millionaire users can supposedly work for just a couple of hours per day from anywhere in the world, eventually letting their accounts run on autopilot to produce massive income with minimum input.

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How does it work?

After spending years mastering online marketing, Anthony Trister developed and optimised the Coffee Shop Millionaire system so that others can take advantage of the efficient methods, techniques and tactics used by successful internet businessmen across the world. This training programme is especially targeted at beginners and intermediate users who have yet to make impressive sums of money from their online endeavours. Whilst most people know where to start in order to make extra monthly funds and tap into this elusive market, most are not aware of the comprehensive package of expertise offered by Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Anthony Trister claims that he has personally used the tried and tested techniques offered in the various training modules to amass an impressive fortune of $22 million in just 5 years. This has given him the freedom to travel the world and quit his day job given regular income he has coming in from various accounts. Due to the autonomous nature of the income, Coffee Shop Millionaire users too can expect to run their business on autopilot after putting in the requisite work initially.

What techniques are used in Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The programme’s training takes the form of 12 distinct modules, each containing several 8-10 minute videos which cover the chosen topic comprehensively.

These modules include:

• Email marketing
• Video marketing
• Article marketing
• Local marketing
• Search engine optimisation (SEO)

For those who want to get started instantly, Anthony Trister has also added the $21k System; a fast-track programme which gives basic guidance on business models, various markets, reliable products and free traffic so that users can make $21,000 in the first month alone. By using this ‘dead start’ approach, users do not need a website, affiliates or advanced technical knowledge, simply just a Clickbank account, laptop and internet connection.

Is it a scam?

Understandably, as this product makes claims that it can turn anyone into a millionaire, potential buyers have been very concerned about the legitimacy of this programme on user forums and blogs. A number of reputable review pages have sought to dispel these concerns and on the whole have reported that Coffee Shop Millionaire offers thorough, worthwhile guidance on internet marketing and how to profit from it. Having tested the programme and the $21k System, the bloggers agreed that substantial amounts of money could be made with real dedication and hard work.

However, the reviewers were almost unanimous in their criticism that the title of ‘Coffee Shop Millionaire’ was misleading to impressionable customers as these profit figures would not be attainable within the short time limits which are advertised. Whilst the reviews state that it is possible to make a decent income from setting up a marketing account, the projected figures used in the promotional material are often overemphasised.

Ultimately, there is no dispute regarding whether there are large sums of money to be made online. But will this product guarantee that you make that kind of money with no prior experience? Or course not. What Coffee Shop Millionaire will give you is a structured modular based approach to learning a field that can be difficult to navigate for the newbie. With some hard work and dedication, there is no reason why one cannot make money online, but $21k in your first month, I doubt it.

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire for?

Whilst intermediate and advanced internet marketers have been impressed with the depth and breadth of the information included in the training videos, absolute beginners have commented that the material is sometimes difficult to follow without prior experience. These commenters have also stated that because there is no explicit step-by-step, fool-proof plan to follow, newbies have been confused and needed extra support in getting the most from the programme (although we would counter that there is never a ‘fool proof’ plan to making money online).

As with most online marketing systems, users should expect to see results which are representative of the amount of work they put in. However, Anthony Trister is clear that if the majority of the leg work is done at first, the system can begin to run on autopilot. This means that substantial income can be generated even when the particular account has not be touched for months. Although some users have experienced this benefit of the programme and used this time to go travelling, splurge on luxuries and spend more time with their families, the majority have noticed that income begins to dwindle after a few days of not consistently working on the account.

Where to Buy and Download

Those interested in making money through online marketing with Coffee Shop Millionaire purchase membership to the official site for instant access to the training videos and development material.

Customers who are not satisfied with the programme are free to request their money back within 60 days when they purchase from the official website.

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