Customized Fat Loss Review

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What is it… The customized fat loss program has been designed by Kyle Leon, a nutrition specialist, to tailor nutrition to your body type. This specialist software, combined with exercise, guarantees to shed a minimum 12-24 lbs of fat in just 6-12 weeks. Click here to check for promotional offers related to this product. 

How does the program work?

As the name suggests, the program works by customizing everything to you. Your personal nutrition guidelines are based on your age, height, weight, metabolism and body type; the latter of which you will determine through the program. It’s only after this information, will you be able to discover which foods your body responds best to and which foods to avoid. In the guide, Kyle lists 11 foods never to eat and 1 essential ingredient that will burn fat faster. Kyle also emphasizes the importance of what time to eat, how much of each food type to consume and what combinations work best to lose fat and increase your fat burning metabolism. As a general rule, he stresses that as you get older, carb intake should be reduced and replaced with more proteins and healthy fats.
Kyle also makes the point that because everyones body works differently, a generic diet plan can never achieve the best results. He explains that this is why some people lose weight with certain diets whilst others lose very little, if anything at all. He also makes the point that celebrities tend to be in such good shape because they have personal diet plans customized for them by nutrition experts. Based on this, he asserts that the customized fat loss program is an affordable and effective way to get the best results for your personal body type.

What’s included?

As well as the customized fat loss program, you’ll also receive 4 bonuses:
‘Customized fat loss training’– a 12 week program focused on exercise and weights.
‘Customized fat loss supplementation’ – including information on which supplements to avoid, and the four that are used by the pros as well as tips on saving money on purchasing them.
‘Peak in a week’– which claims to make you look 10-12 lbs lighter in just a week.
Unlimited upgrades to the newest version of the customized fat loss program.

Is it a scam?

Some of the claims of this program seemed fairly bold when I read them, but the fact that a Doctor (who according to the video presentation wasn’t paid to endorse it), not only followers the guide but recommends it to her patients has to be one of the most credible backups it has. Dr. Hollowell explains in the video that she believes the customized fat loss program is the fastest, safest, healthiest and most natural and effective programs available when it comes to permanent fat loss. She backs up this claim with before and after photos, showing how she lost 24lbs. As well as Dr. Hollowell, there are other success stories on the video presentation, including an array of before and after stories.

What did other people say about it?

The pros and cons listed by reviewers seem fairly balanced and fair. People really liked the fact that it was a lifestyle change rather than another fad diet, and the tracking element of the program allowed people to stay focused on their goals more easily. Many people noted that the tracking gave them a lot of satisfaction. Reviewers who began the plan with low fitness and bad dietary habits unsurprisingly found some of the exercises challenging and emphasized in their reviews that there was a steep learning curve.
To get the most out of this program, you need access to the internet, and some people who had a slow connection or limited access found this frustrating. Another problem was that depending on where you live, some foods recommended by Kyle can be difficult to come by. However, although there are suggested meal plans in the program, you can substitute ingredients from the provided database, which includes 1400 foods. People enjoyed the fact that even this part of the program was customized. Although almost everyone found the program easy to follow, reviewers made no bones about the fact that it takes a lot of commitment and drive to make the changes in order to see the best results.

Overall, people who continued with the program were happy with their results, and the hundreds of before and after photos online confirm that the program has worked for lots of people. In a nutshell, if you’re the type of person who is willing to make changes and find the time to adhere to meal plans and exercise regimes then this is the diet for you. However, if you’re unwilling to cut out certain foods and need to be completely flexible with when you eat, you may struggle to follow it.

Where to buy and download?

Please note that in order to qualify for the 60 day money-back guarantee you must purchase the product from the official website.

So good luck with your weight loss goals, if you have any comment or questions about the program please get in touch by using the thread below!

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