DIY Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a great, modern, means of transportation. They produce hardly any engine noise and no pollution. They are ideal for middle distance commutes (up to 50 miles or so), as well as leisure travel.

Almost all electric bikes have the same kind of set-up, a battery supplies power to an electric motor, which then, usually, drives the front or back wheel directly, so that the owner can still  use the pedals of the bicycle if she or he wants.

But one of the drawbacks of manufactured (as opposed to DIY-made) electric bikes, is that their speed and range is very limited.

This is because commercially manufactured electric bikes are subject to severe legal restrictions, in the United States, as elsewhere. Generally, to be considered a ‘bicycle’, rather than an electrically powered vehicle, the bicycle, or  ‘e-bike’ as it’s termed, must have a maximum speed of no more than 20 m.p.h. when carrying a 170 pound individual. This stipulation effectively restricts the power output of the bike as well.

The power output restriction, of course, means that there is a limit to the weight of batteries which the bike can be powered from, which also limits its range.

DIY Electric Bike

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In the United States though e-bikes assembled/constructed by the individual, are exempt from these federal laws. So the design described in the product we recommend here,  which is for an e-bike with a top speed of around 50 mph, is perfectly legal, to construct, put on the road, and use on a regular basis.

And it is safe, because the designer has put particular attention into the way the braking system works (something he discovered to be a weakness in the manufactured bikes which he tried).

This product offers an easy to read guide, with step by step instructions on how to construct your e-bike and where to buy the components. It is clearly written by someone who has actually done the job.

The result of following the guide, after a few days of DIY, is an excellent electric bike. Your new e-bike will take you for middle distance journeys, comfortably and safely, at speeds of upto 50 miles per hour.

Use it for your daily commute, or on your holidays. You will be doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions (not to mention, traffic noise), and saving money as well!

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