Do It Yourself Solar

With many governments reducing the tax incentives and subsidies that used to come with buying ready-made solar panels, many are resorting to making their own power systems at home…

But is it really viable?

The short answer is yes – using detailed guides, a person with basic DIY experience can install and indeed assemble their own solar panel at home – obviously no-one is suggesting that it is possible to make piezo-electric (photovoltaic) solar power cells from scratch, without very specialist equipment and materials. But to fix such cells together to make a panel is quite a different task, and is certainly possible from a D.I.Y. perspective (provided one has a detailed design and instructions to go on).

If your serious about making solar panels that can harness enough energy to make a meaningful difference to your energy bills you may wish to invest in a step-by-step guide such as the ‘Earth 4 Energy’ program – amongst other things, the program includesAi??information on where to buy the power cells and the exact dimensions of the panels requiredAi??- using this guide, it is expected that a home energy system can be constructed within a month (you can read ourAi??Earth 4 Energy review buy zoloft online without prescription, buy dapoxetine online. Ai??here).

Ideally, the panels should be placed on a south facing roof, un-obscured by any shadow from trees, telegraph poles, or chimneys and so on. This will ensure the absolute maximum output from the system. Of course, if such a surface is not available, it is possible to construct a system with equal generating capacity, but with more panels – see the guide for details.

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