Dog Food Secrets Review

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What Is It?

It has long been suspected that commercial dog foods are making dogs sick. If the food industry for human consumption has had so many health scandals that have involved humans becoming sick, then should we really expect much from the dog food industry?

There are very few rules and regulations in the dog food industry. If you care to check the labels, most ingredients in dog food aren’t even natural and aren’t mainly meat and vegetables like the packaging says. And in some cases, ingredients include rejected animal carcasses including other dead dogs, but of course that is not what the label says; there are much fancier words for that. This is why many respected veterinarians believe that a natural and raw diet is the best and only true way to keep your dog healthy.

Andrew Lewis, the owner of healthy-K9, has developed a nutrition system to feed dogs; which he claims is much healthier food for dogs and that these foods will keep your dog healthy and increase its life span. This product is called Dog Food Secrets: a guide detailing the nutrition needs of various dogs and how to meet these needs the natural way without the harmful ingredients of the commercial dog food industry.

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Buyer Reviews

Dog Food Secrets was a shocking revelation to reviewers. Most dog owners were not aware of that they were feeding their dogs such horrible ingredients. It was all about trusting the labels on the packages but these labels are not truly regulated. A testament to that is the lawsuit between Purina and Blue Buffalo, two top dog food brands; Purina alleges that Blue Buffalo relied on false advertising for years and nothing was done about it. So while you thought you were feeding your dog the best, this was far from the truth.

After a daily regimen of recipes from Dog Food Secrets, reviewers reported great results. For one reviewer, within a few weeks his dog’s fur went from patchy bold spots to thick and full again.

Of course making these meals required planning and effort. This was difficult for some dog owners because they had busy lifestyles and now had to somehow fit in preparing dog meals from scratch. Luckily, the recipes required no great cooking skills so there wasn’t much to learn. It also helped that the recipes were very simple and short with numbered instructions.

Reviewers did note an increased shopping bill. Commercial dog food was much cheaper. Dog owners went from buying one package of dog food to buying plenty of fresh vegetables and meats, which were costly.

There were some reviewers who came across the product by chance and decided to give it a try although there were no apparent health problems with their dogs. However, these owners reported increased energy levels and that their dogs were running and jumping much more than before, something they thought was not possible.

Andrew Lewis claims his recipes will increase your dog’s life span. That is a great claim and it is difficult to prove. But if a dog, just as a person eats healthier food, it stands to reason that the dog will become healthier as a result. Of course, outdoor exercise does play a part too.

Is It A Scam?

The commercial dog food industry is not a transparent or honest one. It has been proven many times that the bold prints on dog food packages claiming to be nutritious and balanced were commonly false. And that was acceptable because the dog food industry is one of the least regulated industries. There are hardly any rules or enforcers, which means that commercial dog food manufacturers can get away with a lot.

There are many rendering plants in the US which form part of the dog food chain. Rendering plants turn animal carcasses including flea collars, hair, fur, external organisms and even excrement to one big mixture. These animal carcasses include cows and sheep, parts of animals that do not make it to the supermarket, dead cats and dogs from the animal shelter and even road kill. Where does this mixture go? Some of it is hauled to dog food manufacturing companies where they become part of the nicely packaged dog food on your local supermarket shelf. Yes, that is what you may be feeding your dog.

Andrew Lewis’ Dog Food Secrets offers a way for you to control what your dogs are fed and ensure that they receive proper nutrients for a healthier and longer life.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Dog Food Secrets from the official website.

What’s Included?

Dog Food Secrets:

• Chapter 1: Homemade Vs Processed Foods

• Chapter 2: Daily Dietary Requirements for Dogs

• Chapter 3: Additional Dog Health Considerations

• Chapter 4: Delicious Doggy Cuisine

• Chapter 5: Puppy Food

• Chapter 6: Main Course Dishes And Crumbly Cookies

Andrew Lewis offers three Dog Food Secrets packages: gold, silver and bronze. Each package includes Dog Food Secrets but differ in the bonus books offered.

How Does It Work?

Dog Food Secrets is a compilation of healthy dog food recipes. Each recipe includes specific measurements of natural ingredients. Alongside these ingredients are the calorie and sodium amounts. Then there is the step by step method to create the dish in simple, clear and numbered instructions. You are given the preparation time and duration time and yield for each recipe, as well as the percentage of daily requirement met for various types of dogs. Also included are notes and tips such as common food dislikes for dogs.

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