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What is it?

Dot Com Secrets X is an online coaching program that claims to help you make a living online. The program is the brainchild of Russell Brunson, a self proclaimed Internet multi millionaire who used to charge $5,000 for his coaching expertise. In his promotional video he explains that people looking to make money online typically don’t have much money to spare so he decided to change his approach and instead charge a lower monthly fee after an initial 14 day trial.

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How does it work?

The premise of Dot Com Secrets X essentially revolves around an email list. First of course you must have a product to sell, whether it’s physical, a service, a product through an affiliate or something digitally downloadable. The more people you can get to sign up to your email list means the more people you can target. Brunson gives the example that even if just 1% from a mailing list of 1,000 buy a $50 product, you’ll still make $500. For example, Brunson reveals on his promotional video that on August 10th he made $28, 992.27 after sending out an email list and on November 16th he made a staggering $69, 616. The formula can therefore be applied to multiple products and email lists and thus the earning capacity is limitless.

What’s included?

The 14 day trial
Every day of your 14 day trial, you’ll be sent one private video of around 10-15 minutes giving you a task to complete. Each task will take around 15-30 minutes to do, so those with busy schedules or full time jobs can still find the time to follow it.

By completing these tasks, you’ll be subconsciously learning the rules of Internet marketing (even if it doesn’t seem obvious), and with this knowledge, Brunson claims that you’ll be able to apply it to any online business.

Over the 14 days, you’ll learn three crucial steps to making money online:

1) How to build an email list
2) How to build it cheaply and quickly
3) How to use an email list to make money

After the 14 days
In order to make money online, there are three principal steps to complete:

1) Build a squeeze page
2) Sell enough of your product to cover advertising costs
3) Buy advertising to send people to the squeeze page

Within these three steps, there are of course other tasks which must be completed. These include:

• Creating a product
• Putting together a sales letter for your product (this will go out on your email list)
• Creating upsell products (and therefore more sales letters)
• Building and maintaining your website

The Importance of Shortcuts

Although the program aims to give you a simplified step by step process to making money online, there are still continuous tasks to be completed, and so in order to allow you to complete everything, using shortcuts are paramount to your success. Brunson wholeheartedly embraces the shortcut when it comes to business. So when you become a DCSX member, you’ll receive 7 shortcuts:

1) $20,000 start up package for free (this software will help you build squeeze pages and track links amongst other tools)
2) Done For You List Building (this will connect your squeeze pages to your email auto responder in order to grow your email list)
3) 14 days free traffic coaching (this explains how to get traffic to your site quickly and cheaply and includes access to a large network of websites which will give you ads for free and a list of over 80 places where you can get $0.30 clicks that Brunson claims will make you $1.00)
4) Monthly Immersion Coaching (after your 14 day trial ends, you’ll be given a main traffic source to concentrate on each month so you can ‘become a pro’. During the month, you’ll have access to $10,000 worth of training, coaching and traffic for free)
5) Build An Army Of Affiliates For You. (For every person you get to join Dot Com Secrets X, you’ll get $50 for every month they remain a member, and if they get someone to join, you’ll get $5 each month from them too)
6) Over The Shoulder Coaching Program. (Every week, you’ll be given the opportunity to watch how another member makes their money online. You’ll see how much they spend and earn, and the steps in between to get there)
7) Free advertising. (Brunson has links with websites which offer free ads for DCSX members)

Is it a scam?

Russell Brunson is a legitimate Internet multi millionaire and has been endorsed by the likes of Tony Robbins. The Dot Com Secrets website was even advertised on the side of one of Richard Branson’s Virgin aeroplanes and his Dot Com Secrets Program has been featured on the likes of NBC news and Fox. The program also supports World Teacher Aid, which helps build schools in Kenya as well as the Make a Wish foundation.

A quick Google search does reveal that despite these positive credentials, there are bloggers and reviewers who do feel the program is a scam because it focuses too much on making Russell Brunson money.

In a nutshell, the products that Brunson suggests you promote are in his interest, so if you follow the program to a tee and don’t apply the knowledge elsewhere to your own products then yes essentially you are making him money, but then you’re also making yourself money at the same time. It seems reasonable that people get frustrated about making someone who’s already rich even richer, but at the same time, you still have the capacity to make limitless money for yourself. Russell Brunson is a businessman at the end of the day, and therefore the program is of course geared towards his personal financial gain.

However, there are hundreds of case studies and testimonials online from people who have made a decent income from the program and therefore don’t find it a problem that Brunson is making money from them in turn. Ultimately it comes down to whether you’re happy to make money with Brunson? It should also be mentioned that the guidance and tools in the program can be applied to your own projects separate from those affiliated with Brunson’s. So if you’re determined not to give him any more than the monthly fee, you can apply the knowledge from the program elsewhere.

Buyer Reviews

There’s no denying that this product is extremely popular. But with positive feedback, there also comes the negative. We’ve done our best to present the pros and cons of this program to help you decide if it’s right for you.


• The majority of reviewers all agreed that this program is best suited to beginners in Internet Marketing.
• Everyone we came across in the forums agreed that the layout of the program was easy to follow and set out in realistic steps with attainable goals.
• People enjoyed the motivational aspect of the course.
• You only have to look on the non-bias forums to see that there are lots of people reporting a medium to high monthly income thanks to this program.
• Besides the financial benefits of this program, members praised the laptop lifestyle they’ve been able to embrace which allows them more freedom to raise their children, go on holiday and spend time with family and friends.


Those with some experience in Internet Marketing found the initial trial period frustratingly slow and many wished they could speed this process up. However, most people on the forums agreed that despite successfully making a living online prior to the course, they all benefitted from Brunson’s advice and guidance and they were successfully able to make money from the program.
• Even current members who are successfully making a living online agreed that if you’re prepared to do your research you can find the information online for free of how to successfully make money online.
• Almost everyone on the forums agreed that the program does not contain any ground-breaking information.
• Although it’s possible to make money by referring other people to become members, a few current members noted that the market is saturated with DCSX promotional referrals and therefore they’ve not had much luck getting referrals via email blasts or squeeze pages.


This program is not a get rich quick solution but nor is it a scam. Brunson has successfully made millions of dollars online through Internet marketing and helped thousands of others make a living too. The program is centred around Brunson’s empire to some degree, but equally the knowledge learnt can be applied to you own projects separate to those of Brunson. For anyone new to Internet marketing, this is a great place to start.

Where to Join

In order to qualify for the free trial, you must purchase Dot Com Secrets X off the official website. If you’re unsatisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any point.

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