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In recent years, the DJ scene has exploded. DJs are no longer seen as hobbyists but now share the same pedestal as Grammy Award winning singers, earning 8 figures yearly as stated by Forbes.com’s Highest Paid DJs List.

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A little bit of research on your favourite DJs will tell you that most successful DJs started out making beats in their rooms on their computers. And now you can too with Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software. Dr. Drum is equipped with all the necessary components for you to cranking out your own beats in not time.

What Do You Get?

Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software

1. 16 Track Sequencer – Simple to compose and edit.
• Thousands of sounds, drumbeats, FX, keys included.
• 44.1 stereo .wav file capabilities.
• Create video and upload to YouTube.
• Many adjusting options for a precise sound and effect.
• And more.

2. 12 Pad Drum Machine – 12 Pads per kit with a database of unique sounds.
• Great kit selections.
• Very easy to switch between kits.
• Adjust to your preferences.
• And more.

3. 4 Octave Keyboard – Add sounds of Pianos, Strings, Guitars and more.
• Alternate frequency, LFO R, LFO A and resonance.
• Recreate notes of imported sounds
• And more.

What Are People Saying About It?

Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software is very cost effective when compared to traditional beat making equipment. For a newbie starting out, it would certainly be impossible to purchase this audio equipment. But with Dr. Drum you will receive a very adequate beat maker for a single low payment.

Beat makers found Dr. Drum to be a very user friendly beat making software. There is no steep learning curve, it’s as simple as purchasing the product, downloading the software and instantly begin making beats. Music theory and technical sound knowledge are not required and the interface is mostly drag and drop. Dr. Drum caters to all tastes: Techno, House, Dance, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Indie, Rock, Jazz and much more. And even if you do get lost, detailed video tutorials are provided to help you along.

After you have mastered the software and have improved your beat skills, advanced beat makers advise newbies to seek out tutorials outside of Dr. Drum for beat making aspects such as beat sequencing. Dr. Drum video tutorials do a great job of teaching you how to use their software but lack tutorials on the technical expertise needed to create those truly unique and memorable beats.

Dr. Drum makes a big deal about its compatibility with both PCs and MACs. Beat makers thought this was great, but the fanfare was unnecessary as this is a very common feature, almost standard for current software. Another misconception, enabled by Dr. Drum, is that sound quality will be the same on every computer. This is not true. Yes, Dr. Drum will run on any computer but don’t expect the sound quality to be the same for a sound card built ten years ago and now, or even for different classes of computers.

The software allows you to import your own samples and export them as you please. Every file you create is yours to manipulate to your choosing. Your files are not exclusive to Dr. Drum, a feature common in free software. Numerous sample files are provided by Dr. Drum for your mixing pleasure. Beat makers noted that the number of samples is considerably more than the average beat making software on the market, free or paid.

Unlike other beat making software, which uses MP3 files Dr. Drum uses 44.1 stereo .wav files, the music industry audio CD standard. This format ensures that your music files are of high sound quality, not the mediocre quality of compressed MP3 files. This is especially important if you are planning to use your beats at your personal events.

It’s very easy to have thoughts about making beats and seek out a great beat making software but these thoughts are worlds away from actually making great beats. Capable beat making software will not necessarily make you into a capable beat maker. Great beat making software helps but awesome beats will only come from years of practice on improving your craft.

Is It A Scam?

Dr. Drum is a digital audio workstation, which is ideal and fantastic for beginners due to its great interface, very adequate capabilities, quality sound production and huge sample database. However, I very much doubt that beats made on this software will rival beats made by Dr. Dre, Timberland and Scott Storch, as proclaimed by Dr. Drum; but it will definitely help you begin that journey towards their greatness and yours.

Where To Buy And Download?

You must purchase The Dr. Drum Digital Beat Making Software from the official website in order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee. 

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