Driver Robot Review

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What Is It?

Anyone who owns a computer knows that, once in a while, outdated drivers will need to be updated. If left outdated, these drivers will affect your computer’s performance and it will definitely slow down your PC. But not everyone knows how to go about updating drivers or have the time or patience to see it through. A quick look at the support forum on will show thousands of threads requesting help to update drivers. So for many, this is certainly not an easy practice. Driver Robot claims to offer a hassle free method and convenience with an automated process.

Driver Robot will scan your PC and update all outdated drivers. The program will always ensure that you have the latest version of the driver and will only update once the driver is 100% compatible with your PC. The program’s efficiency is aided by its ability to accurately identify your PC drivers, having a very large database of over 100,000 entries and its speed.

Driver Robot is one of the most popular updating software on the market with thousands of downloads every day. Driver Robot comes with a guarantee that the software is completely free of malware, viruses and spyware. Once installed, you will never have to worry about updates again.

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Buyer Reviews

There is no doubt that updating your computer’s drivers can be a tedious task. It takes time and an inordinate amount of patience but it must be done. Keeping your drivers updated is very important, especially if your computer is a significant part of your work life or even life in general. For reviewers, Robot Driver streamlined this entire process and drastically decreased the time spent updating drivers.

Robot Driver works with a range of drivers. From sound and video cards drivers to Ethernet and chipset drivers. Reviewers greatly appreciated this as they saw it as a one stop shop and of course it saved a massive amount of time.

Most reviewers who purchased Robot Driver were not very computer savvy and were impressed and relieved when the software performed a complete scan after downloading. Every outdated driver was updated without any effort from the reviewer.

One reviewer stated that he was about to give up on his device because he could not locate the driver needed to update it. He gave Robot Driver a chance after reading a few favourable reviews and the software was successful in locating and installing the new driver.

Robot Driver supports multiple simultaneous downloads. This means reviewers are able to download and install many drivers at the same time with only a few clicks of the mouse. However, simultaneous downloads and installations will be a slower process than a single download.

Some reviewers complained that after downloading and setting up Robot Driver, their internet home pages and preferred search engines were changed to something else. To remedy this, simply change them back into your desired options in your browser’s settings. Additionally, when initially installing Robot Driver, to avoid any changes in your browser settings, you can uncheck the box that offers to alter your home page and default search engine.

Reviewers reported that Robot Driver’s scheduling feature was one of the best. It gave them the ultimate convenience of setting up a weekly or monthly computer scan and letting Robot Driver do the rest. In that way, their PC drivers were always current.

Robot Driver works without the internet too. When reviewers were without an internet connection, they were still able to update their drivers. Using Robot Driver’s Exporter, you can export the drivers and save them to a file. Then transfer that file to a device with an internet connection and download the drivers from there.

The software program runs on all Windows versions. So there is no need to worry about compatibility. However, Robot Driver does not work with Mac and there is no word on whether the developers will create a Mac version.

Technical and customer support is not offered through the software. Support is only offered online. You will be forwarded to the parent company website, where you will choose Robot Driver. You will be then taken to Driver’s Robots Frequently Asked Questions. Some reviewers mistakenly thought this was all the support offered but the link to email is at the very bottom of the page.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to benefit for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Robot Driver from the official website.

What’s Included?

• Driver scanner.
• Very large database of over 100,000 entries.
• Database is updated 24/7 with an internet connection.
• Driver Robot’s Exporter offers an offline analysis.
• Driver mirroring.
• 24 hour technical support.
• 100% compatibility with all Windows versions.

Driver robot will update these drivers and more:

• Printer driver
• Wireless driver
• Router driver
• Webcam driver
• Video card driver
• Sound card driver
• DVD driver
• USB driver

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