DuroMax XP4400EH Review

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The DuroMax XP4400EH is a dual powered fuel propane/gas portable generator suitable for domestic or jobsite purposes. With a rated AC output of 3500 watts and a maximum surge output of 4400 watts, the DuroMax is equipped to provide a reliable power supply to support multiple appliances or power tools simultaneously. The added feature of a dual fuel system significantly increases the unit’s run time and the full power panel also features engine shutoff switch, volt meter, a circuit breaker and power outlets (120 Volt 20a 3-prong outlets and one 120v/240v 30a twist lock). The XP4400EH also features a Durable DuroStar 7.0 hp which is air cooled with low oil shutoff. For maximum versatility, the unit can be fitted to an external propane tank to switch from gas using the included flexible line.

Many satisfied DuroMax XP4400EH customers have been impressed with the ease of set-up and the simple instruction manual, commenting it takes only a short while to assemble the frame and attach the wheel kit. In addition to this, the easy electric start-up makes the unit fool-proof for those customers with little prior knowledge of portable generators. The unique dual fuel system capability allows for flexible fuel interchange when gasoline is not readily available or too expensive. Most users have also commented that the frame seems to be durable and solidly constructed, adding to the longevity and reliability of the unit.

There are few dissatisfied comments regarding the DuroMax XP4400EH, however some customers have experienced difficulties with oil spillages which have caused the outer frame to rust but these problems seem to be uncommon. A minority of users have also reported breakages or damage to the frame of the generator during transit, suggesting poor quality control. Although, on the whole customers have been extremely satisfied with the solid construction of the heavy duty components and have praised the unit for being sturdy and durable.

Overall, DuroMax XP4400EH users have been very impressed with the ease of use of the unit and the great value for money compared to other competitive generators on the market today. Customers have commented on how capable the generator is, some claiming that there was still fuel left after running for 9 hours from a 20lb propane tank. The general performance of the unit combined with the efficiency, reasonable price, quietness and versatility of the gas/propane fuel system has resulted in very favourable user reviews.

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