DuroStar DS4000S Review

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The DuroStar DS4000S portable generator offers a reliable, mobile power supply of 3,300 constant running watts and a maximum output of 4,000 watts surge. The 4 gallon gas tank is capable of an 8 hour run time at half load. The power panel features two 120-volt, 20-amp, 3-prong outlets (NEMA 5-20R) to supply power to home appliances, plus one 120-volt, 30-amp outlet (NEMA L5-30) for power tools for any jobsite applications. The unit equipped with a heavy duty steel frame with four-point fully isolated motor mounts for quiet performance. Capable of quick start-up with an EZ-Pull recoil start for efficient use and featuring an automatic low-oil shut off to protect the engine. An optional wheel kit is also available for the DuroStar DS4000S making the unit easily portable and ideal for outdoor events and transportation.

Impressed customers have been satisfied with the ease of start-up of the unit and fool-proof assemblage of the frame. Users have mainly used the unit as a backup domestic power supply for use during power shortages and extreme weather conditions as it is more than capable of powering multiple household appliances at the same time. Other positive qualities have included the value for money the unit provides as it is relatively inexpensive in comparison with other similar units on the market. At 69 decibels, the unit is also reasonably quiet for a gas powered generator. The quality of the components and workmanship coupled with the sturdy, solid construction of the frame make for a very positive product.

Some minor criticisms of the unit have included that the tools provided with the purchase of the generator have not been sufficient to assemble the frame. These customers have suggested investing in other accessories if the user does not already possess the suitable tools. In addition to this, more experienced generator owners have commented that the due to the location of the oil filler hole re-filling can be difficult, causing spillages and overflow over the unit. Suggestions to overcome this have included purchasing a long, narrow funnel in order to target the oil more effectively. Aside from these minor design flaws users have been satisfied with their purchase.

Overall, customers have been very impressed with the general performance and reliability of the unit. This, coupled with the reasonable price of the machine and versatility for many different applications and appliances have made for very satisfied users of the DuroStar DS4000S.

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