Earthwise 50214 Review

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Buyers of the 50214 were happy with the easy-to-use design and at how straightforward the adjustable features are to work. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of customers who are happy with this purchase have a small lawn, which is the ideal size for the 50214 – users with more intensive lawn requirements may want to look elsewhere.

Assembly is relatively straight forward and the mower is extremely quiet and easy to manoeuvre in comparison to gas mowers, although not lacking in power. The mower is also much smaller than your typical gas mower, so great for those with limited storage.

Of the buyers we surveyed, all were happy with the clean and crisp cut delivered by the Earthwise.

On the negative side, while the overall design is good, users would benefit from a higher amp motor in order to speed up the cutting process. Also, the electrical cord can be slightly obstruent, but this issue is resolved by many by planning the cutting path in advance. Also, a few complaints have been made about loose screws on the wheels and side discharge bag.

Overall, an efficient, neat and clean air choice for individuals with smaller lawns and tight storage space. We would recommend the 50214.

More about this mower…

The Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp electric Lawn Mower features a 2-in-1 deck system for various disposal options. The model features a side discharge or mulching mode which redistributes the grass clippings onto the lawn for a natural fertilizer.

The 8-Amp electric motor is powerful enough to mow a small yard and the 14-Inch polymer deck gives a wide cut, while still being maneuverable. The user-friendly handle is V-shaped and is fitted with a cushioned grip, to reduce vibrations, which is ergonomic and comfortable. There is a simple pull lever which adjusts the height of the deck to achieve the desired cutting height, from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Without the need for gas or oil, this 50214 mower does not produce any harmful fumes into the air, so a clean and eco-friendly choice!

The oversized rear wheels allow the mower to run more smoothly on uneven terrain. The handle is foldable, ideal for compact storage spaces.

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