Earthwise 60120 Review

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Buyers of the Earthwise 60120 were impressed at the ease and cleanliness of the run; there is no need to bother with conventional fuels, so the resultant limited maintenance saves both time and environment.

Many reviews highlight the power of the motor and how effective the mower is on wet and long grass. The battery lasts on one charge for a mid-sized lawn (approx. ΒΌ acre) which means there is no need to replace it part way through.

The assembly is quick and easy, requiring no tools, and the battery comes fully charged.

The mulching option produces small clippings which are ideal for a natural fertilizer and the grass catcher is highly effective.

Many users commented on the ease of pushing the mower, aided by the ball bearings in the rear wheels and the comfortable handle. The adjustment of the grass height is extremely easy and gives a precise finish.

A detail which buyers found very helpful is the LED light display on the rear of the deck which indicates the battery level, ensuring that you’re never caught by surprise.

The cons of the mower, in the opinions of buyers, include the fact that the maintenance of the battery is complex. A suggestion for this is that the battery should be a smart, trickle type that does not need so much care and upkeep.

In general, this mower is an excellent ‘green’ choice, we scored it four out of a possible five stars. You can view pricing options by following the Amazon link to the right.

More about this mower…

The 60120 20-Inch 24-Volt Lawn Mower from Earthwise is a cordless electric mower with various options for lawn grass cutting. The 3-in-1 system featured in the 20-Inch deck allows users to choose between mulching, bagging or side discharging; mulching is operated with a simple on/off plug so that the grass clippings can be used as a natural fertilizer, otherwise there is a grass catcher or discharge chute for subsequent disposal.

For easy alteration of the grass height from 1.75 to 3.75 inches, a single lever raises or lowers the four wheels simultaneously. The front wheels measure 7 inches and the back wheels 9.5 inches, which means that the mower rolls smoothly over poorly conditioned terrain.

The ergonomic handle is V-shaped and fitted with a cushioned grip which reduces the vibrations and the amount of pressure in the wrists. To ensure users are out of danger, the handle features a safety blade control and there is a safety key to prevent accidental starts.


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