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What is the Eat Stop Eat Diet… The Eat Stop Eat diet is based around short periods of fasting (you still eat every day) and weight training. It claims to not only help you lose fat and maintain and grow muscle but also advise on cellular cleansing and metabolism. According to the author of the book, Brad Pilon, the fasting technique outlined in the guide will stimulate fat burning hormones without the use of supplements or special foods- so much so that he claims people notice a change in just 24 hours.

Pilon says he created the guide as an ‘anti-diet’, so as well as being absent from supplements and special ingredients, followers of the diet can still enjoy carbs and fats as well as eat out in restaurants. As well as the physical improvements, Pilon also asserts you will feel more energized and productive. Click here to check for promotional offers and to get a full list of what’s included.

Muscle Growth

Pilon highlights on his website that many people are skeptical of the fasting technique when trying to grow and maintain muscle. However, as a weight trainer and bodybuilder himself, he promises that if you follow the guide you won’t sacrifice your muscle. You’ll learn about the science of growing and maintaining muscles and why protein shakes and large regular amounts of protein aren’t necessary. Pilon strongly asserts that he would not be advocating the program if he had lost muscle whilst following it.

Is it a scam?

The Eat Stop Eat diet, created by Brad Pilon back in 2006, claims to be the best selling resource on intermittent fasting online. Pilon not only has a degree in nutrition, but he worked in the weight loss supplement industry for nearly ten years, competed as a bodybuilder and conducted graduate research on ‘The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss’. In fact the diet is supported by more than 317 scientific studies.

That said, the pack won’t be for everyone and, there is no ‘secret formula’ to long-term weight loss. Whichever path you choose, it will require some commitment and desire to change your lifestyle in the long term.

Buyer Reviews

The results: mind and body
Since the book was published back in 2006, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of reviews from people advocating the Eat Stop Eat Diet. The main pro that seems to be repeated is that the book is not just a diet but a lifestyle, that combines the scientific research of intermittent fasting with weight training. People agreed that the combination of fasting and weight training produced leaner and more defined bodies and the majority were happy with these results.

However, some people who were after a larger and bulkier physique quickly realised this was not the diet for them and stopped the program. Although some noted depleted energy during their first experience fasting, the majority of followers agreed that the diet improved their overall wellbeing, and left them with more energy even on the days they were fasting, once they were accustomed to it.

How easy was it to follow?

The book
• Reviewers liked that the book was just 200 pages long– enabling them to read it quickly and begin implementing changes immediately.
• Because of Brad’s background, the book was backed up with logic and scientific examples and studies which added credibility to his teachings.
• Nowhere could I find a review that said the book wasn’t easy to read. Despite the inclusion of scientific research, no one reported difficulties in understanding these.
• A common complaint among readers was that Brad spent too long talking about himself! Many felt that his credentials and biographical information would benefit from being cut down considerably. Some admitted to skipping these parts.

Reviewers of the diet said that they were not required to fast for more than 1-2 days of 24 hour slots per week. Many found the initial fasting periods the most challenging part of this diet and some admitted to binging on their free days to satisfy themselves. However, almost everyone said that after 1-2 weeks, they began to adapt and were no longer hungry during fasting and nor were they binging on their free days.

A few people reported some minor side effects. These included mild headaches during the fasting days in the first couple of weeks of starting the guide, as well as bad breathe and irritableness as they adapted to cutting down processed foods and embracing a healthier life style.

Reviewers liked the way that the Eat Stop Eat guide did not follow meal plans and calculations. This allowed people to be flexible with it, and being able to enjoy the occasional treat was a big bonus for many. The overall feeling of the diet seems to be that it changes the way you think about food. Instead of worrying about calories and quantities people felt more relaxed after a couple of weeks on the diet and were no longer constantly occupied by thoughts of food. Many mentioned that it gave them a healthier attitude towards eating and exercising.

Where to buy and download?

In order to qualify for the 60-day money back guarantee and promotional offers you must buy the Eat Stop Eat ebook from the official website. Remember that if you’re not satisfied to ask for your money back straight away!

If you’ve already used the program and would like to post your own review, or simply have some questions for our readers, please get in touch using the thread below.

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