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Eczema can be an embarrassing disease for sufferers. It is a medical condition, where afflicted persons experience rough and dry skin patches that itch. And what makes this condition even worse is there seems to be no cure. Doctors will try every traditional medicine known but these recommended treatments can sometimes only make it worse or do nothing at all.

Rachel Anderson, a skin care specialist and alternative medical practitioner, claims that topical creams do not work because eczema is not a skin disease but borne from problems with the immune system. According to Anderson, her son suffered with eczema and through non-traditional and all natural treatments, she has been able to control and eradicate her son’s eczema.

Anderson claimed that her son’s skin got noticeably clearer and smoother, there was no more itching and that overall, he felt better and more confident, which led to a much better school experience.

Persons with eczema know that there are elements, whether this is food, fabrics or the environment, that trigger eczema. When you are exposed to these triggers, your skin erupts. In her book, Anderson goes into details about triggers, how to determine your triggers and how to avoid these triggers and rid yourself of eczema.

What Do You Get?

Eczema Free Forever eBook
Some topics in the book:
• How To Eliminate Eczema Without The Need Of Any Medications
• How To Focus On The Root Cause Of Eczema
• How To Stop The Itching Once And For All
• How To Eliminate Dry Skin For Good
• How To Create Younger, Toned And Firm Skin

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What Are People Saying About It?

After using many chemical medications for eczema with little results to show, reviewers were more than willing to give Anderson’s natural remedies a try. The remedies listed were mild enough for use on children also.

For those who never fully understood the condition, Anderson uses the first few chapters to educate readers on what eczema really is, illustrations were also included. Many reviewers understood the disease much better and some myths were expelled.

The book extensively covers the relationship between eczema and food. There is a comprehensive list of trigger foods that should be avoided. A few reviewers had trouble giving up some of these foods because they had enjoyed them for years, which could be why their eczema was a constant problem. Although the information was welcomed, reviewers felt that Anderson should have also gone more in depth with other triggers.

In Eczema Free Forever, Anderson covers dry skin problems, which is a very familiar topic for eczema sufferers. The dry skin becomes worse during eczema episodes but stays long after. Therefore, reviewers were very grateful for Anderson’s tips on the topic. One such tip was using a humidifier in hotter months and dryer climates to help keep the skin moist.

Reviewers noticed an overall improvement after going through the recommended treatments, which included detoxification and a healthier eating regime. Some reported brighter skin glow, healthier digestive systems and higher energy levels.

Anderson states that it takes 3 days for noticeable improvement but many reviewers reported that it took much longer. The average time reported was 2 weeks.

Is It A Scam?

People with eczema crave relief from this disease and it appears that Rachel Anderson’s Eczema Free Forever offers this. On the whole online reviews have been very favourable, with many reviewers stating that their eczema completely disappeared.

Since Eczema is somewhat of an internal condition, I am not sure whether it can be totally eradicated. Some reviewers have claimed this but I wonder whether they show no symptoms because they continually follow the instructions in Eczema Free Forever. I suspect that if they were to consume trigger foods, the symptoms may reappear. It’s therefore more accurate to summarise that eczema can be kept under control by following Anderson’s guidelines rather than completely eradicated.

Eczema Free Forever is actually advocating a lifestyle change because you will have to give up certain foods and do things differently. As creatures of habit, it will initially be difficult to implement and stick to these changes. But on further inspection, many noticed that what Anderson proposes is really a healthier way to live with the benefit of controlled eczema.

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