Electric Car Conversion

Electric Car Conversion

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If you are serious about converting your car’s power source from gas to electricity then we recommend the Gas2Electricity program, a straightforward guide to converting your vehicle.

The cost of gasoline is something that concerns most people who drive and when you take into account the environmental issues that standard vehicles can cause, it’s not surprising that more and more of us are turning to electric powered cars as a solution to both problems.

If you’re interested in driving an electric car but don’t want to dump the vehicle you already have then this could be the perfect solution for you… The Gas2Electricity guide will show you, in a straightforward way, how you can convert the gas powered vehicle you’re currently driving to run on electricity.

The fully downloadable Gas2Electricity guide will show you how you can adapt your vehicle so that you get between 100 – 200 miles per charge (we consider that kind of range to be more than enough for most people’s regular daily use).

Electric Car Conversion

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The Gas2Electricity guide explains clearly what parts and tools are needed for the conversion and where to find them at competitive prices. The cost of these is around $280, whereas if you went to an auto-shop and asked them to convert your car you can expect to pay around $3,000. This is a clear saving in itself, even before you consider the dramatic decrease in your fuel bills when you’ve changed over from gas to electric. On top of this there are tax refunds of up to $1,000 available just for having an electric car.

The author of the guide estimates that you will get around 110 miles out of a $1 charge. Based on our research this might be a little overambitious, but you should definitely be able to make savings converting your car from gas to electric.

Most vehicles are compatible with the program – the process can be used for a wide range of cars and covers most standard models, including both manual and automatic. It will also work for older models.

Buyer Reviews

People who bought the guide that we surveyed were very positive, reporting that they had used it successfully to convert their vehicles to electric. Some even said that they were shocked it worked! In terms of timeframes some were done in a day while for others it took a few days.  Of course, the time may vary – it largely depends on how mechanical you are.

The Gas2Electricity guide comes with a 60-day 100 percent money-back guarantee, making it a reasonably low-risk product. You can buy the guide by following this link. It’s fully downloadable so you won’t have to wait for delivery and you can start learning how to convert your car in just a few minutes.


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