Electricity 4 Gas Review

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What’s included?

Buying the product will give you the complete manual with step-by-step instructions on how to convert your car from gas to electricity. It shows you what parts and tools you will need and comes with clear instructions and diagrams to help you complete the conversion. In addition you will get some invaluable information on how to find cheap or even free parts, including batteries.

The Electricity 4 Gas package also comes with six bonus guides that show you how to beat a speeding ticket, get paid to drive, make your own bio-diesel and live green at low or even no cost.

What is our view?

Electricity4Gas provides good, clear information on how to convert your car into an electric vehicle that will help anyone who is interested in making the change. The instructions are very straightforward and the diagrams are useful in showing you how the process is done from start to finish. The guide also gives some great information on parts suppliers and even electric vehicle associations.

Electricity 4 Gas

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Peter Millward, the author, says that you can convert your car to electric for less than $300. A big part of the cost of a conversion project like this is in the battery and the author does show you how to go about finding batteries inexpensively. If you can successfully do this it is likely you will be able to complete the project within the right price range.

Once you have used the guide to convert your car to electric you should make significant savings on your fuel costs. Gas prices have shot up dramatically in recent years – CNN Money has estimated the average US household spends $368 on gas every month. If you can avoid these prices by going electric you will be able to save a considerable amount. A single charge costs around $1 and should give a range of around 100 miles. Even if you drive a lot and find yourself hitting 100 miles every day you will still be looking at less than $10 per week. When you compare this to the cost of gas the savings are clear.

What are people saying about it?

Buyers of the product that we surveyed liked it and felt that it offered excellent value for money. People really appreciated how clear the instructions were, making the whole conversion process very easy to follow. Several people said that they had successfully converted their gas cars and some even mentioned that they were now planning on doing the same for their kids!


The Electricity4Gas product comes with a 100 percent 60-day money-back guarantee, which makes this a low risk product (you can easily review the material and return it if you wish, within the guarantee period).

The cheapest way to buy this product is by following the link to the official distributor’s website.

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