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What is it?

The Ex Recovery System is an ebook by online relationship expert Ashley Kay. The ebook can be followed by both men and women and claims to give step by step guidance on how to get your ex back in just 30 days. Kay claims that the system can bring success to most people, regardless of how long they’ve been separated from their ex or whether the ex has a new partner.

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Buyer Reviews

Reviews for the Ex Recovery System are on the whole very positive. Reviewers loved the fact that this guide can be customised and tailored to different situations, and rated it highly compared to other self help books in this genre, on the market. Whilst other guides tend to follow a one size fits all policy, reviewers appreciated more specific guidelines to their predicaments.

Besides the book, customers felt that the video tutorials and quizzes helped to make the journey more interactive, and help them keep track of their progress. Some reviewers were after a quick fix, and therefore didn’t want to waste time with the extras after reading the book. Although if you follow the book alone, you could still see success, for the best chance of getting your ex back it’s recommended that you take advantage of all the tools that Ashley provides.

For some people, going to the length of reading a book about how to get their ex back was a wake up call that they really shouldn’t be trying to get their ex back if it was this difficult in the first place. Some reviewers, even though they did indeed buy the system, felt that in hindsight what’s meant to be is meant to be, and an ex is an ex for a reason. Ironically, coming to this conclusion after reading the ebook could be attributed to Ashley Kay’s advice. After all, the promotional video does state that you will become a more calm and confident person and learn to control your emotions more rationally.

There are loads of testimonials online confirming that following this system did indeed get their ex back. Of course, there are also cases where this didn’t happen. It seems that those with the most success were people who had only just broken up with their partner and were still on speaking terms. For those whose partner had left them years ago, getting them back proved a struggle. Although it might be true to say that your ex had strong feelings for you at one point, if it’s years later and they’re happy with someone new, it’s unlikely they’ll be receptive to your advances.

Is it a scam?

The promotional video for the Ex Recovery System is refreshingly not too over the top compared to other similar products on the market. Kay does claim that the system can work for a variety of situations, including when your ex is seeing someone new, if they live far away or if you broke up years ago. I’m sceptical that the system will work for all these cases and her assertion that you’ll get your ex back in 30 days or less seems unrealistic, particularly if you haven’t see them in 2 years!

Ashley Kay is a well known online relationship expert. She has a youtube channel, facebook page and her own website with advice and tutorials. Unlike many of these products, the name behind the product is in this case a real person! For me, this automatically makes this guide more trustworthy. Kay has an army of followers, and she wouldn’t have if her advice didn’t work. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re looking for a magic solution to get your ex back instantly, this isn’t for you. Kay promises that the system will get your ex back in 30 days, and although this may be true for some people, how quickly you get your ex back, if at all, really does depend on your own situation and how carefully you follow the guide. It should also be mentioned that you must come to your own conclusion as to whether the relationship should be saved at all. If you decide you do want to get your ex back, out of all the products available on the market today, this seems like the most useful and legitimate and although not guaranteed to help you succeed, at the very least it offers good advice that can be applied to future relationships.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase the Ex Recovery System from the official website.

How does it work?

The Ex Recovery System is for both men and women, and primarily follows 4 steps:

The Instant Emotion Buster: this section helps you take control of your emotions by following a 10 minute method. On the promotional video, Kay explains that men and women have different emotional intellects and therefore emotions must be adapted and/or controlled.
The Magic Eraser: This is a letter with ‘psychological tracks’. You’ll answer a few questions to tailor it to your situation.
The Seed Letter: A letter with ‘sneaky, psychological triggers’.
The Indirect Method: A method to implement even if you don’t see him face to face.

The ebook is further supplemented by:

• The Ex Recovery System in video format
• Online Module: including reports, articles and video tutorials
• Active support community
• Fast helpdesk support

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