Eye Floaters Solution Review

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What is it?

Eye Floaters Solution is a digital eBook containing various techniques and methods which promise to alleviate the discomfort and irritation of vitreous eye floaters. The 100% natural methods can be practised at home and are an alternative to risky, expensive surgery or the regular use of ineffective eye drops. By harnessing the body’s natural healing process, the eBook’s author Joaquin Delsa is confident that existing eye floaters can be eliminated and even prevented from forming in the future. Although vitreous floaters mostly occur in people between the ages of 50 and 75 according to WebMD.com, this Eye Floaters Solution is marketed as being effective on any sufferer within a matter of weeks.

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Buyer Reviews

From summarising reviews taken from medical blogs and eye floater sufferer forums, it is apparent that those who have obtained the best results from the programme have been people recently diagnosed with vitreous floaters, as opposed to long-term sufferers. This is contrary to the marketing material, which does specify that the eBook can work for anyone. However, Joaquin Delsa does suggest that surgery is usually the recommended option for those who suffer from life-altering, severe vitreous floaters.

As the programme is premised on holistic lifestyle change rather than conventional medicinal techniques, those who have left mostly positive reviews have reported an increase in their overall health, in addition to alleviated floater symptoms. This suggests that the programme has been especially beneficial for those suffering from age-related eye floaters which may have been exacerbated by poor health practices, such as bad diet, alcohol and smoking.

That said, commenters who had enjoyed a previous lifestyle prior to buying the programme anyway did not enjoy such noticeable results. As a large part of the eBook details how smoking aggravates eye floaters, non-smokers who have purchased the programme reported feeling as if the eBook was simply a common-sense approach to healthcare in general, rather than a targeted system for tackling the condition specifically. Although, a considerable number of reviewers mentioned the advice on herbal supplements as one of the eBook’s main positives.

Is it a scam?

It appears that eye floater sufferers on online forums are very sceptical about the eBook’s claims. Although the Eye Floaters Solution promotional material is clear that the techniques it details are not intended to be an instant miracle cure, many potential buyers have shown concern that the product just targets those desperate to get rid of debilitating vitreous floaters without providing any substantive results.

Many of the commenters who share these views have purportedly suffered from the affliction for a number of years and have therefore been to visit their doctor or healthcare professional many times. They have cited this medical advice in claiming that the eBook is not effective in removing eye floaters, as the only known cure is a victrectomy, a surgical eye procedure.

Evidently, those who suffer from severe floaters usually opt for the most radical treatment i.e. surgery. Those who suffer from mild floaters are therefore attracted to the less invasive techniques contained within the book. Considering that the brain tries to ignore the floaters and therefore accommodates them into normal vision, it is difficult to determine the efficacy of other techniques. However, it is clear that individuals who have just begun to suffer from floaters have seen some benefits from using the natural methods contained within Eye Floaters Solution.

Where to buy or download

In order to benefit for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Eye Floaters Solution from the official website.

How does it work?

Eye Floaters Solution is said to work by using only holistic treatments which trust in the body’s natural healing process. Therefore, this programme is ideal for those who are afraid of resorting to surgery, either on the basis of cost or the risks associated with an invasive eye procedure.
Joaquin Delsa recommends an entire lifestyle overhaul which is detailed in an easy-to-follow way in the eBook.

1. Diet: The Eye Floaters Solution dietary plan contains nutritious meals packed with antioxidants and minerals designed to help break down the eye floaters.
2. Exercise: The eBook details numerous ways in which to incorporate regular workouts into a busy working life, helping to improve the body’s cardiovascular system which in turn helps to flush out the vitreous humour.
3. Herbal Supplements: In addition to a reinvigorated diet, Eye Floaters Solution users are recommended to regularly take specified herbal medicines which aid in the healing process.

More about Vitreous Eye Floaters

Vitreous eye floaters are small black dots or fuzzy lines which hover on the surface of the eye. Often, the floaters disrupt vision and cause intense discomfort for sufferers. According to NHS data, 98% of cases are brought upon naturally by age-related changes in the jelly-like vitreous humour, which in turn cast shadows against the retina. If left untreated, floaters can contribute to eye flashes, migraines and even retinal detachment; meaning that treating the floaters at the onset is paramount.

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