Face Fitness Formula Review

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What Is It?

The first place extra weight is noticeable is on the face. But when you lose weight, the face is one of the last places to reflect the weight loss. And even if you do manage to lose the facial chubbiness, the skin becomes less tight and it is difficult to regain a sculpted look.

Face Fitness Formula was designed to provide an affordable yet effective way to sculpt you face, cheeks and chin without invasive surgery. Face Fitness Formula claims to add noticeable definition in your facial structure, firm and tighten your cheeks revealing your cheekbones, and help you achieve a sculpted jaw and toned skin in 4 weeks.

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Buyer Reviews

According to Surgery.org, facial surgeries and procedures account for at least a third of the plastic surgery industry. But these procedures are very expensive and cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, there is always a risk factor with plastic surgeries and procedures. Face Fitness Formula eliminated this astronomical cost and risks for reviewers. They found a non-invasive and chemical free way of achieving the look they desired.

Time is really the only true investment made by the reviewers in Face Fitness Formula. Reviewers said the exercises lasted for about 15 minutes. And although 15 minutes seemed like a short time, reviewers advised others to do the exercises when they are alone so to avoid distractions. You can always talk during normal body exercises but talking during facial exercises will just throw you off. Then you may need to start again so 15 minutes may become 30 or more.

Face Fitness Formula is laid out in simple and easy to understand language. Angie, the instructor, demonstrates every single facial exercise, so reviewers were never lost or left guessing the correct way to do the exercise.

Due to the facial exercise being low intensity, Face Fitness Formula is suitable for everyone. And this diversity was displayed in the age, build and gender of reviewers.

The program does not go into depth where food is concerned. A few tips are offered but that is it. Some reviewers were aware that their diet would play a crucial part and thought the program should have had a more detailed section on adopting a healthier diet.

Face Fitness Formula promises results within 4 weeks. However, most reviewers saw results at the 7 or 8 week mark. This meant starting the program from the beginning for a second time. Some reviewer even did the program more than twice, until they saw results. There were reviewers who did not achieve the results they were expecting.

Is It A Scam?

Facial exercise may not be a common thing to you but ask any physical therapist and they’ll let you know it exists and some have their patients practice it daily. For stroke victims, facial exercise is a way to get their facial muscles strong again. So it stands to reason that if physical exercises will get bodies toned and in shape, the same rules will apply to facial exercise. And just as with other exercises, a regular routine will give better results.

However, different people have different facial bone structures and there is no exercise in the world that will change your facial bone structure. You may do the program for a year but it will not give you high cheekbones if you do not have high cheekbones. So be sure to have realistic expectations.

Where To Buy Or Download?

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Face Fitness Formula from the official website.

What’s Included?

Face Fitness Formula:

Over 35 facial fat reduction exercises.
• 5 ways to uncover your true facial structure.
• Three foods you should strike off your grocery list forever.
• Lose facial fat fast with these 23 diet tips.
• Learn to avoid these habits that will create chubby cheeks regardless of your weight.
• Discover celebrities and models facial sculpting tricks and techniques.
In just 14 minutes per day, tone and strengthen 30 muscle groups.
2 hours of facial training in DVD format.

How Does It Work?

Face Fitness Formula is a 4 week program to reduce fat from the face, which results in a leaner and more sculpted face.

The 4 weeks are segmented into four different action plans, in this order: detoxification, revitalisation, strengthening, firming and sculpting.

Week 1 – Detoxification: Cleansing and detoxifying your body is the first step. Exercises are introduced to get your body relaxed and you will begin to practice facial exercises that loosen and relax your facial muscles.

Week 2 – Revitalisation: Sculpting exercises are introduced to help you gain more definition in your face.

Week 3 – Strengthening: The exercise routines are upped a few notches, becoming more thorough and a bit more difficult.

Week 4 – Firming and Sculpting: The intensity is increased further to tone the facial muscles.

A simple dietary plan is included to help lose fat and water retention in the face. Also included are face yoga training, and face building and sculpting exercises.

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