Fiskars 6207 Review

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The 6207 17-Inch Plus Staysharp from Fiskars is an ergonomic, innovative and easy-to-use design of mower. The reel design means that there is no need for gas, oil, batteries, or electrical cords. There are no harmful fumes or disruptive noise pollution.

This Fiskars reel model is specially designed to make it 40% easier to push than competitive reel mowers, so very little effort is required to mow the lawn, dependent on the conditions. The InertiaDrive Reel gives the mower 75% more power to cut through difficult spots that contain small twigs or tough weeds, which other reel mowers would get stuck on.

Other features of the 6207 include the unique StaySharp Cutting System which ensures that the steel blades cut the grass without touching so they last longer, and as a result avoid the need for regular sharpening. It also features a chute which discharges the grass clippings out in front of your feet for a neat and clean cut.

Buyer Reviews

For many buyers of the Fiskars 6207, the most beneficial aspects were the high speed of the blades (up to 3 x faster than other mowers), the fact that very little maintenance is required, and the ease of pushing, despite the heavy weight.

The adjustable features, including the grass height, handle height and blade cam, are all easily accessible and simple to operate. The discharge chute produces thin and evenly distributed clippings for a natural lawn fertiliser.

The mower is effective on a variety of different grass types and deals with tough areas with relative ease. Users have commented on the convenience of the mower in terms of storage, easily fitting into compact spaces. Customers also appreciated the no noise aspect of the mower and the simple and rapid assembly, without the need for numerous tools.

Negative aspects include the difficulty in maneuvering, as the four wheels remain parallel at all times, making it tricky to turn, especially in limiting spaces. In overgrown lawns with large shrubs, long and bendy weeds, this mower is not always 40% easier to push as it advertises. And while the push system is extremely efficient, this is still a heavy mower, which may cause some difficulty for those with less energy.

Overall, a decent reel option scoring 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Visit the Amazon link to the right to check and compare prices.

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