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This package comes with a fully illustrated step-by-step manual along with an Audiobook version and also a 60-minute video. On top of this you get quick reference guides and summary tables to make it even easier. Purchase requires a one-off payment, there is a 60-day full money back guarantee. As the product is fully downloadable you can also buy it from anywhere in the world.

What are people saying about it?

The product received pretty universal praise from reviewers. People were very enthusiastic about the way the guide shows you exactly how to grow your own food organically. It uses a very natural process and if you are keen to provide food for your family that hasn’t come in contact with chemicals then this may be the answer for you. Additionally, you can grow food that is free from weeds and insects.

One person praised how the guide allows you to maximize space and found the recommendations for dealing with a lack of sunlight and poor soil especially helpful. Another pointed out that the Food4wealth system shows people how to create a natural habitat, rather than a garden, so people have to put a lot less work into it than a traditional garden – estimated at around 8 hours a year!

The product will be particularly helpful for people who have never planted a garden before or have found the more traditional method of planting by rows to be too much of a struggle.

The guide also shows you how to give your plants a good nutritional base. It also emphasizes the importance of diversifying your range of plants so that they can grow healthily, regenerating year on year without sucking up all of the nutrients in the soil.

Reviewers liked the way the guide comes with both a step-by-step manual and a video that used plain English without any jargon that gardeners rely on at times. Some people wanted to read the instructions while others preferred just to watch the video.

A big benefit of the guide was that everything you need to create an environmentally friendly garden is right there in one place. One reviewer had spent hours looking for information on gardening forums and had no real confidence in the knowledge and expertise of the people posting comments. They were relieved that at least this way, they were getting the right information.

One of the biggest advantages was the low-maintenance nature of this growing method. While there is an initial outlay, the cost and time all came in the first year and after that the cost was significantly lower.

If you’re still unsure or would like to learn more about the product watch this short video.

What is the cheapest way to get this product?

Food4Wealth Offical SupplierWe recommend purchasing from the official distributor for the special sale price by clicking the box to the right. This will entitle you to the full product support as well as the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or feedback of your own relating to this product, please use the comment thread below.


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