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Forex Striker is a Forex trading robot. Besides its initial setup Forex Striker needs no human assistance. The entire process of forex trading is handled by the program. Its 8 developers avow that this is the only patented technology of this kind.

To work, Forex Striker needs to be downloaded onto your computer. The installation is very straightforward. In a matter of minutes, you will get a prompt to begin using the product.

This software is specifically targeted towards Forex traders, both newbies and professionals. Thus, a Forex broker account is needed. Forex Striker is compatible with MetaTrader4, which is a free platform offered by many Forex brokers.

During the beta phase, the developers launched a pilot program where real investors were allowed to try Forex Striker. Over 350 traders participated, opening live accounts across several Forex trading platforms. To this date, the vast majority has recorded profits.

The developers also had their own testing done, and this goes back 7 years. Their results show Forex Striker, for that period, won over 87% of short term trades and over 88% of long term trades. On average, Forex Striker wins 8 consecutive trades. Impressive results by any standard. You can read more about the package, along with the bonus offers, here.

What are people saying about it?

Over the years, Forex Trading has become very popular and is now a multibillion dollar industry. A staggering amount of trades are made on a daily basis. It is a competitive environment and traders are always on the lookout for that extra edge. Forex Striker is that edge. Using a series of complex algorithms, Forex Striker is able to quickly analyze market data to make the best possible trade.

Forex Striker has received a lot of positive reviews from the Forex trading community. From the get go, reviewers loved that the installation process was very simple. And the automated approach was definitely seen as a plus. Once integrated with your trading platform, Forex Striker gets to work – all on its own.

Some reviewers expressed disappointment when Forex Striker did not provide a continued stream of profits; but while Forex Striker promises net profits for a year of trading, it does not explicitly promise profits for every trade or even every month. The developers clearly state that there will be lost trades and this is a realistic expectation to have.

Reviewers did point out a couple of limitations. One, Forex Striker only trades two currency pairs: the British Pound vs the US Dollar and the European Euro vs the US Dollar. Two, Forex Striker does not trade daily, only when the markets are favourable.

And of course there was much scepticism about a robot taking charge of trading accounts. For reviewers who were not familiar with such, it took some time to get used to.

The 24/5 customer support services were greatly appreciated by reviewers. Access is granted to this support service immediately after purchase; it is unlimited and available throughout the use of Forex Striker.

How to become a trader

If you’re interested in making a living out of trading, there are two routes: you can either trade your own money or work for a company where you trade on behalf of others. Here are some general tips on how you can get started.

  • If you decide to trade for yourself, you need to get clued up before you risk your money. You’ll need to read around the subject, understand all the lingo, study and monitor stocks and keep up with the news. The better you know the market, you’ll reduce risk and have a better chance of making some logical decisions.
  • If you’ve previously worked in finance and are already familiar with the stock market, to begin trading for yourself, you must have some capital to invest. Be sensible and assign X amount to stocks whilst ensuring you have enough in the bank for your living costs.
  • For those looking to work for a stock broking firm, the most common route is a degree (2.1 or above) from a good University paired with work experience or an internship. From here, you will have a better chance of becoming accepted onto one of the firms graduate schemes.
  • Some firms may still be prepared to take people on without a degree, but this is a difficult route nowadays with so much competition in the industry. If you happen to have a few contacts, can work for free or impress your prospective employers with your personal trading accomplishments you may be able to secure a job.

Where to buy and download

You can buy and download Forex Striker from its official website – this will entitle you to all of the bonus material along with the full 60 day money back guarantee.

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Please note that this review was compiled from information around the web that, at the time of collecting, was accurate to the best of our knowledge. Investing in financial instruments can be extremely risky and past performance is no indication of future performance.

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