Generac 6000 LP3250 Review

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The Generac LP3250 (model 6000) portable generator provides a reliable power supply fuelled by liquid propane with a maximum 3,750 watt output. This improved model features an incorporated tank holder rather than a separately carried propane tank (fuel tank not included) making this generator easy to transport. This breakthrough design combined with 9.5-inch wheels, a durable frame (39.5 x 23.5 x 24.75 inches) and a useful locking handle also makes it ideal for travel and outdoor events. Liquid propane makes a low emission, carbon footprint friendly alternative to fossil fuel and is also biodegradable, non-toxic and does not deteriorate when stored for long periods of time. With circuit-breaker protected 120-volt outlets the LP3250 has enough wattage to support home appliances and construction applications during blackout emergencies and is capable of 50 percent load for 9 hours.

Consumers have been impressed with how the Generac LP3250 has fared in emergency blackouts due to the ease of the manual pull-start and watt capacity, particularly pleased with how it effortlessly supplies small household appliances. This combined with the robust construction of the steel tubing means that users are satisfied with the durability and longevity of the generator. More environmentally conscious consumers have commented on the fact that the generator is propane fuelled meaning no accidents with spilt gasoline and a safer, cleaner way to generate electricity on the go or within the home. Users have specifically praised the fact that propane does not emit as offensive a smell as gasoline therefore making the portable generator perfect for domestic use. In addition, the fact that liquid propane does not deteriorate in storage has been viewed very positively, allowing consumers to store fuel for long periods of time in order to reuse it. Other appealing features include the minimal noise emission generated by the LP3250 and the ergonomic, compact design.

Some users have expressed criticism that the instruction manual it too vague and the care recommendations are not detailed enough for optimum upkeep and maintenance. However, it seems that the assembly of the actual generator is straightforward and quick for most LP3250 owners. The fact that the LP3250 is advertised as having capacity of 3250 watts has been deemed to be misleading by some users, claiming that in reality the output is much less than originally expected. Despite this, overall consumers have been happy with the purchase of the Generac LP3250 as being a sturdy and mobile alternative to the standalone propane tank generators.

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