Goals on Track Review

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What is it?

Goals on Track is an app designed for PC, smartphone and tablet which allows users to effectively set and track goals to facilitate timely accomplishment. Experienced software developer and creator Harry Che is convinced that the key to success is clear goal-setting using visualisation, prioritisation and progress-tracking to stimulate motivation. The app features a number of distinct tools to aid in the completion of goals, sub-goals and tasks such as calendar synchronisation, printable day planner, a habits builder function and the option to publish accomplishments to family and friends. Compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 operating systems, Goals on Track is intended to be used on the go as part of a busy lifestyle.

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Buyer Reviews

It is clear from consulting numerous technology and lifestyle review sites that people are always keen to find ways in which to help in the achievement of personal or professional goals, especially where the use of smartphones and tablets are involved. Although there seems to be many similar apps on the market already, the majority of the Goals on Track reviews are very favourable, citing the numerous features the app boasts as its primary USP. Key distinguishing features that users have pointed out have included the ability for sub-goals and ancillary tasks to be discerned, the inclusion of images and photos to stimulate motivation and the feature which allows users to sync their goal-setting calendars to Google Play, iCal and Outlook.

Looking towards the app’s commonly identified cons, a number of reviewers have highlighted that the app is in need of updating aesthetically, particularly after the introduction of iOS 7. Whilst the breadth and depth of in-app features has pleased customers, it is clear that the app is somewhat lacking in design and appearance. Additionally, some reviewers have mentioned encountering difficulties with bugs and software issues whilst using the app which may need to be addressed via further app development.

How to buy and download

In order to benefit from the 30 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Goals on Track from the official website.

How does it work?

Goals on Track is premised on the idea that any ambition, irrespective of how big or small, can be more easily achieved by setting, visualising and tracking tasks. Harry Che’s key principles in the accomplishment of goals can be expressed using the following concepts:

• Specificity
• Measurability
• Attainability
• Timeliness
• Realism

In line with these guiding concepts is his 7-step programme which is the backbone to how the app operates.

1. Set Goals: Clarify and specify ambitions and use sample goal templates to etch out the detail of those ambitions
2. Take Action: Prioritise different tasks according to importance and avoid distraction
3. Track Time: Animated and offline time trackers help to keep goal-setters aware of their progress – this helps with time management
4. Goal Journal: Record goal-setting journey and analyse progress – be accountable for success
5. Review & Restart: Convert progress data into 3D charts that can be reviewed in Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

What’s included?

In addition to receiving unlimited access to the Goals on Track app, upon purchase customers are also entitled to the following self-help eBooks:

• How to Avoid Tension and Achieve Peace in Life
• As A Man Thinketh
• The Art of Money Getting and Golden Rules for Making Money
• Power Through Repose
• Tips and Tricks for Writing Success

More about goal-setting
Goal-setting has long been a prominent feature of both personal and business development as it is proven to increase productivity and motivation in order to achieve certain aims. The relationship between goal-setting and behaviour was authoritatively interpreted by the psychologist Locke in 1981, whereby he concluded that 90% of laboratory and field studies using goal-setting as a motivator led to significantly higher performance (Wikipedia). Goal-setting, specifically in the workplace, is now widely considered to be preferable in terms of motivation than being under the supervision of a physical manager.

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