Guild Wars 2 Secrets Review

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What is it?

Guild Wars 2 Secrets is an online training series compiled by avid gamer Brad Johnson. The premise of this gaming guide is to allow players of the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Guild Wars 2 to enhance their in-game experience without using illegal hacks or cheats. By consulting top gamers and Guild Wars experts, Brad Johnson compiled this extensive selection of individual guides based on their tips and tricks so that fans need not spend hours at their computers trying to level up. Filled with step-by-step instructions and detailed in-game screenshots, the comprehensive series aims to help any player get better weapons and more gold, in addition to optimising their character and unlocking powerful, high-level items.

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Buyer Reviews

Glancing at the user reviews available on gamer blogs and Guild Wars 2 forums, it is clear that on the whole, gamers have been very satisfied with the guide.

The majority of the positive commenters have reported that the guides are particularly easy to follow, making Guild Wars 2 Secrets more suited to beginners rather than experienced players. As the guide does not contain any software hacks, bots or cheats which would violate the Guild War 2’s terms of use, the tips and tricks included are simply the most efficient ways in which to excel at the game. In addition, the game is so complex and detailed that beginners are often overwhelmed by all of its features and are after a straightforward guide which streamlines all the important aspects. Therefore, intermediate and experienced gamers may have already picked up most of the methods on their own and have no need for the guide. That said, a few gamers who were already very familiar with MMORPG games did say that they had been surprised by the depth of the guidance and thought the eBook was very useful, despite the fact much of the information was basic.

Due to the fact that games such as Guild Wars 2 are regularly updated by patches and expansions, some potential reviewers have at first been concerned that the guides may quickly be outdated. However, Guild Wars 2 Secrets is continually updated to reflect patches and recent changes to the game. Reviewers have been very pleased with the attention to detail this requires and some have said that it is this that distinguishes the guide from other competitors on the market.
Another feature of the guide that has been praised by reviewers is that it is applicable for both Mac and Windows users. As the requisite information varies between different operating systems, it is the universality of this guide that has appealed to avid Guild Wars 2 fans.

It is highlighted in many of the blog and forum posts that gamers should not perceive Guild Wars 2 Secrets to be a miracle guide which requires little effort. It is apparent that although the marketing material claims that there is no need to spend hours trying to level up, the eBook is not an automatic miracle which can achieve the incredible results promised without any effort. A number of reviewers have reported that even with the guide as an aid, gamers will still need to put in work in order to achieve their goals of levelling up, generating more gold or mastering new quests.

Following from this, it is clear that gamers who prefer to level up on their own accord with no external help will not enjoy using the guide. Those who ordinarily progress upwards through dedication and hard work, learning along the way, have reported feeling that Guild Wars 2 Secrets removes the enjoyment from the game.

Where to buy or download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Guild Wars 2 Secrets from the official website.

How does it work?

Experienced gamer Brad Johnson created the Guild Wars 2 Secrets online tutorial in order to help any fan progress through the game quickly and efficiently. By collating and condensing advice from professional gamers, the guide is designed to eliminate wasted hours spent trying to level up. Gamers can feel safe in the knowledge that the tutorials only employ completely legitimate methods, as opposed to cheats or hacks.

Guild Wars 2 Secrets is comprised of the following components:

Complete Power Levelling Guide: This section aims to teach players how to reach level cap in the shortest amount of time by identifying the most lucrative quests. All guides include in-game coordinates which pinpoint the exact location of the best quests.
The Gold Gatherer’s Bible: Includes an economics crash course which details alternative ways in which to maximise gold. Also included in this module is how to expertly trade gold for gems at the ArenaNet Gem Store by analysing market data. For those who prefer the traditional methods of harvesting gold, there is a comprehensive section on how to kill other mobs in order to loot.
The Full Set of Complete Profession Guides: Helps users to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual profession within the game. Within this section are also modules on Skill Mastery and Weapon Selection and Story Mode and Explorable Mode Dungeons.

o The Guardian Guide
o The Warrior Guide
o The Engineer Guide
o The Ranger Guide
o The Thief Guide
o The Elementalist Guide
o The Mesmer Guide
o The Necromancer Guide

More about Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG set in the fictional world of Tyria where players can take on the form of a variety of characters in order to battle the Elder Dragons. The game is a sequel to the original Guild Wars, which was distinguished from other similar online games on the basis that it does not require players to pay continuous subscription fees.

According to Wikipeda, by August 2013 the game had sold 3.5 million copies with 460,000 concurrent players.

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