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What is it?

Heartburn No More is a holistic guide by Jeff Martin, a certified nutrition specialist, health consultant and medical researcher. Jeff promises that if you follow his guide, you will be able to cure acid reflux in just 48 hours and eliminate the root cause in 30-60 days. He claims that his guide has helped 154,000 people in 157 countries over the last 11 years.

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Buyer Reviews

Customer reviews for Heartburn No More reveal that the guide is essentially a naturopathic diet with suggested supplements. A naturopathic diet consists of eating foods close to their original state; so typical foods include raw vegetables, pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free meats and generally foods without artificial ingredients, additives and chemicals (livestrong.com). Customers who typically ate convenience foods like ready meals and takeaways found this diet particularly hard to follow, and one lady who already had a restrictive diet due to food allergies said it simply wasn’t a practical diet she was able to implement. Those with children also said they found the diet impractical, and some noted that this diet can also be expensive as ideally only organic and high quality meats and fish should be consumed.

Those who did embrace the diet guidelines felt better overall. Many reported an increased energy, regular bowel movements and improved skin, hair and nails. As for the heartburn, those who had been following the diet for a couple of months said they had noticed a positive change. For some people the heartburn disappeared whilst for others it was greatly improved but not yet eradicated. I didn’t find anyone who had followed the diet for a few months and had not seen any improvement.

As well as the diet, the guide also recommends the use of other natural ingredients such as orange oil supplement, DGL, aloe vera, honey and apple cider vinegar. The results of these varied, with some saying they even made their symptoms worse, whilst others found a couple useful such as the aloe vera. As everyones body is different, it would seem that these ingredients will have differing effects, but not one seems to be a one size fits all.

Most customers cited the main pro of this guide as containing only natural methods. Some customers were fed up of buying expensive over the counter medicines, whilst others found little or short relief from them and were in search of a more long term solution.

Although most found the book easy to understand and follow, there were a couple of parts which confused people and they had to reread them. The crowd seems to be divided on the length. At 180 pages, some customers found it thorough and insightful as well as good value for money. Others however were frustrated at the length, and felt it was too long. Some suggested that it should come with a quickstart version as well so people can implement it from the beginning. Personally I don’t think 180 pages is too long, but if you don’t have the time to read something of this length, it’s something to bear in mind.

Is it a scam?

No where could I find anyone that said this guide is a scam, however not everyone managed to remedy their heartburn after buying the book. For many people, this was simply because they found the diet too restrictive or expensive to implement.

This guide is not a miracle cure for heartburn. Its premise is a natural healthy diet free from chemicals and I defy anyone to follow a diet like this and not feel better. It’s nothing revolutionary; it’s just common sense. Improve your diet and improve your overall wellbeing. Livestrong.com explains that a processed diet contains poisonous toxins so adapting to a naturopathic diet rids the body of these toxins and can help to eliminate digestive issues amongst others. As for the supplements, they received mixed reviews, so by all means try them but be prepared that they may not work for you.

Some bloggers are sceptical as to whether Jeff Martin actually exists. I wasn’t able to find any evidence as to whether he does or doesn’t further than hearsay. Is this relevant? Well I guess it makes the book seem less credible but at the same time based on customer reviews it does seem to deliver.

Where to Buy and Download

To qualify for the 8 weeks money back guarantee, you must purchase Heartburn No More off the official website.

How does it work?

Jeff Martin states in his promotional video that the reason why heartburn persists is because sufferers rely on over the counter medication which only temporarily covers up symptoms rather than eliminating the problem at the root. Jeff therefore claims that by tackling the problem from the body inside and out, you can permanently treat the problem. Although following a naturopathic diet is one of the main focuses of this guide, Jeff explains that diet alone will not cure heartburn so the guide also looks at lifestyle aspects such as sleep and stress.

Jeff believes the main causes of heartburn to be:

• Over acidity
• Sluggish digestion
• Candida overgrowth
• Toxin build up
• Poor diet
• Stress
• Not enough sleep
• Obesity

According to Jeff Martin, this guide will cure the following:

• Acid reflux disease/GERD
• Hiatal hernia
• Gastritis
• Oesophageal reflux
• Bile reflux
• Peptic ulcer

If you’ve tried Heartburn No more, please get in touch via our comment thread and let us know how you found it. Whether your experience was good or bad, genuine customers reviews are invaluable to our readers so they can make an informed decision on whether this guide could work for them.

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