Home Made Energy Review

We would advise against buying this product ai??i?? thereai??i??s a considerable amount of negativity surrounding the vender online and we know from experience that there are better value/more realistic alternatives on the market.

The product claims to completely eliminate the need to buy power through the production of your own alternative sources (either wind or solar). For as little as $200, Home Made Enegy claims it can teach you how to render your own solar panel (or a wind turbine) that can accommodate a significant portion of your home energy requirements.

While itai??i??s not unrealistic to produce a functioning solar panel within this budget, it would require considerable know-how and experience. As for the panel producing enough power for your home, well, that largely depends on the size of your home, but donai??i??t expect to be selling energy back to the power company anytime soon!

One of the most common criticisms about this product was the presentation. One reviewer compared the booklet to the work of a high school grad ai??i?? disappointing given the price tag.

The reality is that the green energy space will always be a controversial oneai??i?? There seems to be significant overlap between different product/venders ai??i?? overlap that perhaps we ourselves have missed when comparing reviews of different productsai??i??

Join The Green Eco Club Instead

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Of the many ai???green productsai??i?? that weai??i??ve reviewed, none have performed better, delivered more value, or encouraged further involvement than this subscription package.

Quite simply, ai???greenai??i?? or ai???sustainableai??i?? living is a lifestyle, not something that you can buy in a book or a DVD setai??i?? The Green Eco Club offers a full support system for like-minded green people, with access to a vast audio and video library, monthly product releases, expert support, and daily tips to help you through your own green DIY project.

If youai??i??re interested, you can read our full Green Eco Club Review here, alternatively, visit the official supplier to learn more.


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