Home Made Power Plant Review

There’s a significant amount of negative opinion surrounding this product online. While we’re not in the business of bad mouthing venders, we felt we had to at least report what we found here.

The Home Made Power Plant claims their book will show you (1) how to construct a windmill or solar panel for under $200, (2) how to reduce electricity costs by up to 80% (or even eliminate them entirely), (3) sell some of your surplus power back to the energy company.

In isolation, these claims are technically true. The issue is with the methods, for example, to eliminate bills the program recommends turning off central heating, using LED lighting, and taking shorter showers – methods that some might consider unrealistic, particularly if living in cooler climates. As for selling energy back to the power company, the setup costs of enabling this easily runs into the thousands, that’s assuming you’re even generating enough power.

We disagreed with the criticism that it was not possible to produce a functioning solar panel or windmill for less than $200 – this budget is not unrealistic for those with the patience and a bit of background knowledge, although don’t expect to be selling power back to the energy company with this budget.

We also disagreed with the criticism that this product was basically a clone of the Earth 4 Energy program – having reviewed this product ourselves, we found plenty of people with good things to say about it (please use the comment thread if you have any of your own feedback on this).


Given the negativity, we will not be recommending that you go out and purchase the Home Made Power Plant program…

If you’re looking for a green product, a much more affordable option would be the Green Eco Club. Of all green products we’ve reviewed, this scored top, with members getting access to a huge audio/video library, expert support for their own DIY energy programs, online resources (including tools and supplier discounts) and six bonus products, one of which retails as a standalone program for around $50 (Green DIY Energy).

If you’d like to learn more, you can read the full Green Eco Club Review, or alternatively, visit the official site.



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