How Do I Get Him Back Review

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What is it?

How Do I Get Him Back is an ebook by Bob Grant that claims to help women get back together with their ex husband or boyfriend.

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Buyer Reviews

Reviewers seem to be divided when it comes to How Do I Get Him Back. The main complaint about this ebook is that it is far too general. It’s a one size fits all self help book for getting your man back, and clearly it’s not going to work for everyone. There were therefore some disappointed readers who simply did not get the support or insight they needed in order to try and save their relationship. For others however, the general tips and information (such as not being too needy) was enough to help them get their relationship back on track.

Even those who did not manage to save their relationship said that the advice in the book helped them to free at least some of their personal baggage and this in turn helped them to have a new successful relationship. Part of the ebook does look at self improvement, and the benefits of this are transferable into many aspects of life.

The official website claims that this ebook is an 8 week programme, but this figure seems to have been plucked out the air because the ebook does not contain a week by week plan of action and nor do reviewers state that they resolved relationship issues at the 8 week mark. For some, they were able to rekindle their relationship after just a couple of weeks, whilst others spent much longer before realising results or indeed giving up.

Although the ebook did offer some good advice, some of the tips were slightly confusing and even out dated. For example, some reviewers reported the ebook recommends that women wear long dresses and earrings regularly in order to attract their man. Reviewers did however find the list of suggested readings in the ebook useful.

Compared to relationship counselling, obviously this ebook is very good value and for those that saw results with it, it was an invaluable investment. However, you do get what you pay for and if you’re looking for the best results, nothing can really replace a professional counsellor devoting their time to you and your partner on a specific personal level.

Is it a scam?

Some reviewers felt mislead by How Do I Get Him Back, as the official website and various blogs imply or strongly suggest that by reading this ebook you are guaranteed to get your boyfriend or husband back. This has led some people to label this ebook a ‘scam’. The bottom line is that no self help guide book can guarantee to save your relationship as there are too many variable factors for a general guide to take into account. Whilst that’s not to say this guide won’t help you, it’s also not a guarantee. If you’re desperate to salvage your relationship and professional counselling is not an option, then a self help guide like this one can offer support and constructive advice. However, some relationships are simply not meant to work out and so you must be willing to accept this should it be the case for you. A section of this ebook does look at your partner, and asks you to consider his personality traits and whether they are compatible with you or indeed any relationship. This can be a big eye opener for some, and even if getting this ebook doesn’t result in getting your man back, the support and guidance alone could be enough to help you through a break up.

Where to Buy and Download

In order to qualify for the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase How Do I Get Him Back from the official website.

How does it work?

The How Do I Get Him Back ebook aims to help you rekindle the flame with an ex by following the following steps:

The ebook asks the reader to focus on themselves for the first 8 weeks. Grant encourages readers to socialise, eat healthily and exercise.
The ‘Play It Out’ technique. This technique asks readers to write down any fears or worries they have about their relationship. This aims to take yourself out of the situation and look at your emotions rationally.
• Looking at why the relationship has failed. Grant asks readers to consider their ex partners relationship history for example. Has he been divorced several times? And then asks you to consider your own flaws. Are you a needy person in a relationship?
• The ebook recommeneds you write down three traits that are non-negoitaiable when it comes to a partner. If there are things outside of these three points that have been the cause of arguments, it’s time to be more patient with these.
• If you still feel that your ex partner is the one for you, and you’re still determined to get him back then Grant believes you should wait for him to contact you and continue with living a positive life.
• Grant does not advocate begging, showing up at your ex partners work or harassing him with phone calls and texts in order to win him back.

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