How to Read a Man and Influence Him (Mark Scott) Review

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What is it?

How to Read a Man and Influence Him is a digitally downloadable, self-help eBook for women hoping to rekindle a romantic relationship with their boyfriend, husband or ex. By detailing basic psychological techniques, the eBook’s author Mark Scott promises to educate women on the male psyche so that women can plant subtle ideas and commands. How to Read a Man and Influence Him is marketed as an effective, DIY alternative to marriage counselling and is most suitable for those hoping to enhance communication with their partner so as to increase openness and rethink interaction to avoid arguments.

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Is it a scam?

From glancing at the manual’s online perception from potential buyers, it is clear to see that many are extremely sceptical of the methods used within the manual. The promises in the promotional material that women can subconsciously control their partners have made some feel understandably uneasy about the ethics of such a claim and how the eBook works. It is clear that whilst these extreme statements appeal to some women in desperate relationships, others are very wary of applying some of the techniques.

Regarding whether or not these lofty claims are a scam or not, blogs and online reviews show that many women have had success in educating themselves on how the male brain works and how to tap into their partner’s emotional side. However, it must be stated that this programme is not a miracle cure for all troubled relationships and it will not enable women to actually read their partners’ minds.

Customer Reviews

The type of customer attracted to this eBook appears to be almost always a woman who is desperate to save her relationship or marriage. This means that the relationship has already taken a bad turn and that sometimes, breakup or divorce is imminent. Therefore it is difficult to determine how successful the programme is in enhancing relationships. Certainly, some reviewers have reportedly been very pleased with the results and have credited the manual for reducing arguments and helping them to strengthen their relationship.

However, it can be gleaned that the main benefit of the manual is the fact that it gives women insight into how men tick and react when under emotional pressure. From this understanding, it is up to the women to decide how to move forward with the relationship and how they want their partner to behave ideally.

Considering that the average price of marriage counselling is $95 per session according to Marriage Builders, many reviewers have favoured the eBook as a first step before resorting to professional help.

Where to Buy and Download

You must purchase How to Read a Man and Influence Him from the official website in order to benefit from the 60 day money-back guarantee.

How does it work?

Given that roughly 42% of marriages end in divorce in today’s society (BBC News, 2012), couples are increasingly trying to find ways to save their marriage and strengthen their unions. Ordinarily, when relationships or marriages start to turn sour couples head to a professional counsellor or therapist for intensive sessions on how to change behaviour and reduce arguments. Mark Scott’s How to Read a Man and Influence Him is a manual premised on the fact that men can be subliminally controlled through clever mind tricks so that women can restore the emotional balance and preserve their relationship.

Although not a psychologist or professional marriage counsellor, Mark Scott claims to be an expert on dating and relationships through his own ‘secret society’ which teaches under-confident men how to attract women. Through this experience and research collated from psychology reports, he created this eBook which claims to teach women to take advantage of the male mind through ‘failsafe’ psychological triggers. He claims that this programme can work on couples going through a rough patch or even a divorce, men who refuse to commit and men who are generally emotionally unavailable.

The crux of this manual is focused on Mark’s conviction that every human has a ‘reptilian brain’ which ensures survival and pleasure over rationality and logic. As the reptilian brain does not have the power to reason, the eBook details the way in which supposedly any woman can plant messages and suggestions so that their boyfriend or husband behaves in a certain way.

What are some of the techniques used?

In addition to coaching women on what to do on a first date to gain a man’s curiosity, making women appear naturally attractive to men and how to ‘read your man’s mind’, the eBook also promises results by using the following techniques:

• Addictive Emotional Compulsion
• Emotion Intensifier Technique
• Desire Amplification Trick
• Intense Curiosity Trigger Formula
• The Unconditional Forgiveness Technique

Bonus Materials

Purchase of the eBook also comes with a free audio version of the manual, access to the ‘How to Trigger his Emotional Hot Button’ webinar and the ‘7 Deadly Mistakes Women Make around a Man’ report.

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