Human Anatomy and Physiology Course by Dr James Ross Review

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What is it?

Dr James Ross’ Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is a digitally downloadable educational programme which claims to enable anyone to teach themselves the basics of the human body. The 3,000 page eBook is filled with detailed illustrations, diagrams, quizzes and lesson plans. Although it resembles a full-time medical course, similar to those undertaken by healthcare professionals and practitioners, no prior medical knowledge is required before starting on the training. In addition to teaching users about the physical anatomy of the skeleton and muscle systems, Dr James Ross’ course also contains a thorough insight into the molecular and cellular make-up of the human body, in addition to modules on drug therapy and pharmacology.

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Buyer Reviews

From looking to blogs and forums, the majority of those who received the most benefit from the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course appeared to be medical and nursing students. Although the eBook is marketed as ideal for teachers, medical researchers, personal injury lawyers, physiotherapists, paramedics and chiropractors, it seems medical professionals were less likely to invest in the programme. However, a number of practitioners did mention that the course was useful as a reference tool, rather than an intensive training programme.

Despite the fact that the marketing material claims that users can expect to master the human anatomy within just 3 days, it is emphasised in the reviews that customers cannot expect immediate results. Evidently, it would take the normal person significantly longer to learn the information contained within a 3,000 page document perfectly. Therefore, it has been suggested by some reviewers that the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is better suited as a supplementary resource to a college course, rather than a standalone training programme.

Numerous commenters have remarked that the digital format of the eBook is much preferable to the thick, heavy textbooks which are often compulsory for medical students. The easy-to-follow, image laden eBook is therefore reportedly much more accessible than other similar texts on the market. Additionally, as the eBook is available in PDF format it can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or in print-off hard copy.

Is it a scam?

Clearly, Dr James Ross’ claims that anyone can master the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology within such a short space of time are overtly lofty. It is apparent from looking at comments made by potential customers that such claims actually put some people off the programme altogether for fear that it was simply a scam.

However, looking past this particular promise, the programme has attracted a significant amount of positive media attention. Dr James Ross and his eBook have featured on the Martha Stewart Show and AOL, legitimising the programme to a wide audience. As the course is recommended by mainstream broadcasters, it is apparent that customers have felt more willing to trust in its efficacy.

Ultimately, although people cannot expect to become medical experts after studying the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course, it is clear that certain types of user have obtained substantial benefits from purchasing the comprehensive programme.

Where to buy or download

In order to benefit from the 60 day money back guarantee, you must purchase Human Anatomy and Physiology Course by Dr James Ross from the official website.

How does it work?

Dr James Ross’ eBook is comprised of three distinct components, each including a number of lesson plans covering different topics related to the human anatomy. Each lesson plan features quizzes, revision plans and detailed diagrams.

System Component 1
The initial section contains a basic introduction to the human body, followed by a step-by-step module list which details each part of the anatomy in turn. A selection of the topics covered include:
• Cellular and molecular structure
• The skeleton
• The respiratory system
• The reproductive system
• The digestive system
• The endocrine and nervous system
• The musculoskeletal structure
• Basic human genetics
• Clinical pathology

System Component 2
The second section details ancillary medical topics including drug dosage, pharmacology and drug therapy.

System Component 3
The final part of the eBook is comprised entirely of detailed illustrations with comprehensive labelling.

What’s included?

In addition to receiving the full eBook upon purchase, customers are also entitled to access the following bonus material.

The Nursing and Paramedics Masterclass: Covers basic EMT training which is required when training to become a paramedic. This training would usually take 18-24 months.
Bonus Secrets Only Sold to Medical Professionals: Contains insider research materials to enhance the professional understanding of the basic educational material.

More about learning about the human anatomy

Considering that the average cost of medical school in the United States is $170,000 according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, medical students may wish to find the cheapest way to obtain solid, comprehensive medical information. Similarly, in the UK a medical degree is the most expensive undergraduate course available (QS University Guide).

For each year of study, medical and nursing students are expected to invest in a significant amount of textbooks and learning resources, driving up the overall cost of education.

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